As a busy mom, it can be difficult to both take care of your young family and to support your elderly parents as they get older. If you are struggling to do both, here is a comprehensive guide to the steps that you should take to ensure that your partner, your children, and your parents can remain happy and healthy. 

Talk to them about assisted living facilities 

One of the biggest responsibilities that the children of aging parents must face is deciding what will happen to them in the future, such as where your loved one is going to live when they cannot look after themselves anymore. As a busy mom, you may not be able to give them the full support that your elderly parents need as their condition deteriorates. If this is the case, you should allow your parents to take part in a discussion about which assisted living facility they would prefer if they need one. For instance, at Atria, their living facilities are suitable for every pensioner, no matter what health conditions or level of mobility they have. 

Stay in contact with them 

Even if you cannot be with them all the time, it is paramount that you can stay in contact with your parents and that they can get hold of you at all times. For this reason, you should try to help them to understand how to use basic technology, such as a cellphone. Not only will this allow them to alert you if there is a problem, but it can also help them to stave off loneliness when you cannot be there with them. 

Make home adaptations 

If you would like your parents to stay at home, the first step that you should take is to make home adaptations. These will ensure that their property is a safe place for them to live independently, regardless of whether you are there to check on them. These may include safety ramps to their front door, handles and grips on showers and walls, and stairlifts to increase their mobility. 

Split their care with other family members

If the burden of their care is getting too much to cope with, you should reach out to other family members to discuss splitting their care between you. Your parent’s wellbeing should not fall to one person alone. Creating a definitive schedule for their care can ensure that you are able to juggle every aspect of your life while maintaining your parent’s health and happiness

Realize when you are struggling 

Looking after your elderly parents as they age is not always plain-sailing, and so it is important that you can put your own needs first. If you believe that you are struggling, or your friends or partner have raised concerns about your mental health, you need to consider seeking help. For instance, a visit to your doctor can allow you to find the right support options, such as counseling sessions or medication that can alleviate the depression or anxiety that you are experiencing. You might be able to find help in terms of charities and other sources that can help you to cope financially and practically with the care of your parents.