What is comfort? Is it just the absence of pain or the presence of physical ease? Have you ever pondered about it? No, then stop wasting time. There are so many other things to do.

Undoubtedly, these are some of the questions that have deeper meanings. However, sometimes it is better to look for solutions instead of spending time on thinking.

Keeping all these points aside, it will be good to focus on how you can ensure your health with compression socks. Now, to do this, it is necessary to throw some light on what it is and how it differs from regular socks. Drive through the write-up to get more clarity on these socks.

Compression Socks and its difference in terms of daily-wear socks

Compression stockings are quite different from the ones that you wear to the office. The purpose of the regular socks is to absorb moisture when you wear shoes. Apart from this it also keeps your feet warm, especially the woolen socks.

All this sounds good, till any other problem doesn’t start stepping in. For instance, when your ankles or calves start swelling or due to long-running your feet start feeling pain. In such circumstances, you are left with no option than to seek help from medical professionals. This leads you to a different type of socks which is called compression socks. In fact, the nomenclature of these socks is based on the work it does. Technically, such socks apply gentle pressure or compress your feet so that the blood flow in your body is not routed downwards. This way your blood flows to your heart, thereby ensuring proper flow of blood in your body.

Risks in using compression socks daily

Technically, there is no problem in opting for socks like this in day to day life. In fact, wearing stockings like this is not strictly restricted to certain conditions. They can be worn by anyone and anytime. However, there are certain things that should be kept in mind before wearing these.

  • Never opt for it if there are cuts or bruises
  • Always choose the right type
  • Prefer using it for long-standing jobs
  • Use for running or traveling which involves long hours of sitting
  • Take it off when going to bed
  • Must be avoided if the skin is highly sensitive

In what conditions doctors prescribe Compression socks?

There are many medical conditions where it becomes inevitable to opt for these stockings. These are:

Lymphoedema – This is a chronic condition. In this, the tissues of your body swell up. These are caused when the lymphatic system is blocked.

Diabetes – Certain times the diabetic patients face blood circulation problems. Under such circumstances, this type of socks is used.

Varicose veins – usually harmless yet painful, these are swelling and enlargement of veins. The problem of viscose veins could be resolved with the help of stockings meant to exert gentle pressure. You must try to consult a doctor before making any final decision. 


If you want to ensure proper comfort of your legs then compression socks are a good option. You may use it after consulting your physician with respect to your health condition. For instance, if you are pregnant then compression socks are good for you. However, it is always considered better to consult your doctor. You must remember that not all things easy to wear are comfortable.