The kitchen is the hub of activity in the household. Everything goes on there, from cooking and cleaning to eating and chatting. As a result, your kitchen probably gets worn down and dirty very quickly. It’s a nightmare for parents who are trying to juggle looking after the children whilst also making sure the house looks presentable. To help our readers with this predicament, today we have put together this comprehensive list of everything you need to know about maintaining your kitchen. We hope to impart some useful tips and tricks which allow you to keep on top of everything and ensure the house is looking beautiful. Keep reading to find out more.

Kitchen Home

Clean the Cabinets

You have probably noticed that over time, the kitchen cabinets have started to fade, becoming duller and grubbier in colour. This usually comes down to wear and tear, sunlight damage, or spillages down their surface. And so, we recommend cleaning your cabinets every once in a while, including their contents. One of the best methods for doing so is creating a solution of vinegar, baking soda and warm water. Dip a cloth into this mixture and then wipe down the cabinets. Take out their contents for a deep clean. If you want everything to look especially spotless, then you could even give your kitchen cabinets a fresh lick of paint after washing them. It’s surprising how much light and life this can breathe back into the room, making it look far brighter and cleaner than before.

Upkeep the Plumbing

One of the most important factors in maintaining your kitchen is making sure the plumbing system is still working. Otherwise, you could end up with blocked drains, horrible smells, and leaks which lead to other complications down the line. You might also want to replace your hardware and faucets for the sake of aesthetics, too. A sparkling new sink might give your kitchen the upgrade it desperately needs. Of course, you will need to hire a professional plumbing service to maintain your pipes properly. We recommend companies like Bergau Plumbing who have over 40 years of experience to back them, so you know that your problem is going to be dealt with by capable hands.

Wash the Walls

It’s not uncommon for the walls in your kitchen to become grubby. Oil and grease will often splatter out from a hot pan, plus preparing food (especially when baking) can be a very messy ordeal. And so, you should always wash down your walls whenever you make a mess. This is particularly important in areas around the hob, where food is most likely to spatter out from the pots and pans. Once again, a new coat of paint will never go amiss when it comes to upkeeping your kitchen. Backsplash panels are also a brilliant idea. Not only can they make your home look beautiful but also easier to clean.

Look After the Countertops

The countertops are where the food preparation happens, which makes them prone to stains and damages. If you want to keep your kitchen clean and looking attractive for longer, then you should invest quite a bit of time into maintaining them. Whenever you have finished preparing food, you should clean them with a cloth. Don’t leave stains to sit on the surface wipe them away immediately. To prevent damage from occurring to the countertop, always use a chopping board and don’t put anything hot on the surface. For example, hot trays that have just come out of the oven are a big no-no. If you’re planning on replacing your kitchen countertops anytime soon, we recommend investing in a durable material that is resistant to heat, stains and damage. Granite and quartz are usually popular choices for this very reason.

Check Your Appliances

It is of paramount importance that you regularly maintain the appliances in your kitchen. Not only is this essential for hygiene purposes but to also ensure everything is working efficiently and safely. For instance, you should regularly clean your oven, otherwise germs could breed and infect your family’s meals. If the filters become blocked by grease and dirt, this might result in your oven being unable to cook things properly, too. You should also wipe down your microwave, hob, grill and toaster. Leftover food particles in these appliances can sometimes catch on fire, setting off the smoke alarm or causing a nasty smell.

Clean the Sink

Many homeowners neglect to clean their sinks, including the draining board. However, these are breeding grounds for bacteria and so they need to be cleaned throughout the week. Improperly cleaned sinks will also lose their sparkle. Filling them up with hot water and household bleach can help to remove the layers of grime from them, though.


These are some of the basics to maintaining your kitchen. Follow our advice, keep on top of the cleaning and see the results for yourself.