The question was asked. The answer was given. Congratulations, you’re officially engaged!

Dates were secured, venues selected, guests invited, band booked… then the world as we knew it suddenly changed.

Engaged couples often feel overwhelmed by the responsibility of planning a wedding even at the best of times. We can only sympathize with those in this current situation. Due to COVID-19 the wedding you may have dreamt of, as a child may not go ahead in the way you imagined, at least not at the moment.

Some may choose to continue with the official marriage now and have a celebration with friends and family later when social gatherings are once again allowed. Some may choose to reschedule the entire wedding and reception so it can all go ahead the way it was planned.

No matter what your preference is, now is the time to build better relationships with your suppliers. Most reasonable businesses will be willing to allow clients to use the deposit as a down payment towards a future date for the celebration. Businesses will usually try to do their best to make your day amazing and ensure their reputation remains strong.

Ensure you have supportive people around you at this emotional time to help minimise the disappointment you may be feeling. We have spoken with a number of wedding planners to create this Wedding Replanning Checklist. Hopefully it will help reduce your stress levels and get your thinking about how amazing your wedding could still be.

The key is to be organised yet remain flexible while the situation may continue to change rapidly in your part of the world. Whether you’re planning a sit-down extravaganza for 300 or an intimate ceremony with close family and friends, working through this checklist should help you put together a plan you and your partner can be happy with.

First Steps:

  • You’ve shared the exciting news with friends and family and shown off the engagement ring on social media… so what should you do in the current situation? Sit down and make some decisions with your partner. Avoid the temptation to argue in this stressful time. It’s nearly impossible to work out a plan if you and your partner disagree with what you’d like to do. Do you want to continue with the official, legal wedding as scheduled and party later or do you want to delay the entire day?
  • Weddings can be expensive and you probably were working to a budget. The entire wedding industry is fully aware of the current situation and most businesses will want to make it work for you. Communicate with all parties involved in your wedding so they know of your intentions and can schedule things back in to fit with your plans as best as they can. Don’t forget to contact your wedding photographer, the florist, wedding cars, cake maker and the band or DJ.
  • Unfortunately there may need to be compromises with your special day particularly with venues that can sometimes be booked well in advance. As you can imagine, when weddings are allowed to be rescheduled there will be a huge influx of people trying to book in. Consider what’s truly important to you as a couple and what compromises you are willing to accept. Think creatively! Maybe you could host a cosy wedding in your backyard and outdoor living space. You could take this time stuck at home to prepare your backyard for the amazing day.
  • It’s been shown that many of us have gained weight during the pandemic. During times of stress we tend to eat more and our usual daily activities may have been restricted. If your weight on your wedding day is important to you then consider focussing on your health and fitness first. Setting yourself up with some health and fitness goals you can work on may also help you gain a healthier, positive outlook on life.
The Plan:
  • After you’ve worked through the first steps, it’s time to start planning the details for your special day. Do you plan to invite everyone from the original guest list or will a compromised venue mean things need to change? Maybe you can plan to have more of a party atmosphere that’s less formal and invite even more friends than you would to a formal gathering.
  • If you are going to have the formal wedding as scheduled and have a party at a later date, maybe you don’t want to wear the wedding dress to the party. Consider your attire for the celebration. Have some fun with it and indulge in some online shopping, looking for ideas for colours, styles and accessories.
  • If you had planned a honeymoon, consider the location and if you think it’s likely to be a safe option. You may choose to have your honeymoon locally or consider a staycation with uncertainty around global travel restrictions.
The Reschedule:
  • Once you have a rescheduled date, book in any items that are required, such as scheduling beauty appointments for the week of the wedding (waxing, nails, facials, tanning, etc.), arranging a rehearsal with your bridal party at the venue, and picking up any extras that are needed for the big day (rings, balloons, relatives from the airport, etc.).
  • Allow plenty of time in the lead up to the wedding so you can do the things that are important to you. If you’re planning on having hens and bucks’ nights, then try and schedule them a few weeks out from the wedding (no one wants a hangover while they’re saying, “I do”!).
  • With all the craziness of this pandemic, take the time to reconfirm all the details. This may be a somewhat painstaking process, but it could save you a lot of issues on the day. With all the stress of rescheduling a wedding, things can easily be missed so check that all details are correct for cars, flowers, venues, photographers, DJs, caterers, and your honeymoon booking.
  • In the days leading up to the wedding, you should feel like everything is under control. All details have been confirmed, all appointments have been booked. Undoubtedly, little things will go wrong, so try not to stress over the small details. Take the days leading up to the wedding to relax, get plenty of sleep and deal with any minor hiccups you may encounter.
  • Take care of last-minute practicalities; wear in new shoes, pack bags for the honeymoon, make final payments on any outstanding wedding items and print out any paperwork you need either for the wedding or the honeymoon.
The Big Day:
  • Many a bride and groom have forgotten to eat and stay hydrated in the lead up to the actual ceremony, but if you don’t want to risk fainting then take a little time to have a proper meal and drink plenty of water.
  • Try to relax and have some fun. After all the hard work and preparation that you’ve put into organising your big day, you deserve to enjoy it. It’s going to be a special day and something you’ll never forget!