A 2011 study showed that of a group of Americans 25 and older, only 6.6% did an activity related to their self-care each day. Stress is somewhat of a silent killer, but stress levels influence your likelihood of dying from heart disease or cancer.

In 2020, it’s time to start taking care of yourself first. Follow this guide to learn how to take care of yourself as a woman. 

How to Take Care of Yourself as a Woman: A Self Care Guide 

It can be tough to start a self-care practice that you can return to each day. With a little persistence and commitment, you can integrate a couple of new techniques into your wheelhouse. Check out these unique self-care ideas for tips on how to get started. 

Sleep in 

Women need more sleep than men and recent reports have shown that women are more likely to experience insomnia than men. Creating a routine around bedtime can be a simple and effective way to practice self-care while improving your sleep. 

If you have children, think about how you first introduced them to a bedtime routine. Maybe they had a nice bath, read a book, or talked about their days. Introduce something similar to your routine and you’ll wake up feeling much more rejuvenated. 

Essential oils like Lavender are very calming and aide in sleep. Diffusing Lavender by your bedside or spraying it on your pillow can help ease your body into sleep. Some women also use products like CBD or Melatonin to cap off their evening routine. These can be very effective but talk with your doctor before integrating supplements. For women, self-care should be regarded as a priority for their wellbeing. Plan to spend a few minutes by yourself every day, even if it’s only five minutes to do some meditation or journaling. You should schedule some time to see your friends so that you can unwind. https://veebabes.com has some great tips and ideas!

Move Your Body  

Our bodies crave movement. After exercise, the brain releases a rush of endorphins that improve mood and even sleep. Taking just 30 minutes a day to go on a walk, do some gentle yoga, or venture into more rigorous exercise can be really beneficial for enhancing wellbeing. 

Find an accountability buddy and make a pact to exercise each week together or virtually. YouTube is a great place to start to look for types of exercise you might be interested in and it can be something extra uplifting, like dance! 

Speak Kindly to Yourself

Self-care for women is often marketed as something you need to purchase to achieve happiness. Yet, practicing self-care can be as simple as taking a few minutes to treat yourself with kindness. Give yourself some slack and praise all of the wonderful things you’ve done. 

Using a journal or speaking aloud can solidify these daily affirmations and give you some much-needed energy to continue the day. 

Take a Self Care Day 

While a nice weekend away would be a fantastic way to connect with yourself and practice self-care, it’s not always possible. If you can step away from a busy life for a bit, take one day to unwind and relax, focusing only on yourself.

For some inspiration in the wellness space, Lindsay Giguiere is a businesswoman and mom who focuses on self-care services and holistic health. Her goal of providing women with the resources to practice self-care and wellness has touched the lives of many. 

Practicing Self Care Today 

Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important to know how to take care of yourself as a woman. Not only does self-care elevate your body and mind in the moment, but it also contributes to your overall wellbeing and long term health.

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