Plumbing issues need your immediate attention because even a minor issue can become disastrous. For this reason, you must look for expert plumber at Coburg to deal with emergencies. It is not safe to replace supply lines of water or sewer pipes without a licensed plumber. 

Remember, different plumbing issues need advanced equipment, training and skills. To avoid plumbing disasters, here are some essential things to notice in your home.

Drain Pipe Plumbing

Problem in Water Supply

No water in the shower or kitchen sink means you will need a professional plumber. Plumbing issues are the main culprit for the water loss in the house. These issues may include frozen plumbing lines, clogged pipes and leaks in the waterline. Water may not reach your appliances or fixtures because of leaking in different areas. 

You have to find water leaks quickly. It is necessary to protect the foundation of your home. Moreover, plumbing leaks can increase water bills each month. Once you are confirmed that a water heater or water leak problem is the main culprit, you have to call a plumber for a thorough inspection. 

Colored Water

Water must come out clear from supply lines. If water is cloudy or white, it means pipes have air. Yellow, red or brown water indicates rust in pipes. Green water indicates corrosion in copper plumbing. Moreover, blue water shows total corrosion of supply lines. Any color in water instead of clear water may indicate serious plumbing issues. 

Restrictions in Water Pressure

Faulty water lines may be the reason for low water pressure. Small cracks or holes may form as the pipes under your foundation or behind the walls become old. These holes will be the reason for water leaks. Any leakage from supply lines can decrease the water pressure of your house.

To fix this issue, you have to remove flooring or drywall. You should not execute this procedure without a plumber. Experts may replace these pipes or patch the leaks. If the pressure issue is in one fixture, you have to remove its aerator and clean it thoroughly. Special tools are required to complete this process.

Sewage Odors

Are you noticing unbearable odors near toilet, shower and sink? It is indicating a clogged drainage pipe. Once lifespan of the sewer lines ends, blockages become common. Some main sources of blockages are hair, grease and food.

If you can’t remove this material from drain line with a plunger or drain snake, you have to hire a qualified plumber to restore drains.

Problem with Warm Water Supply

Are you struggling to get hot water from showerhead or faucet? It means electric water or gas heater is malfunctioning. Remember, a water heater is responsible for processing a huge quantity of water daily. Numerous minerals can accumulate in the base of the water heater and impact its efficiency.

You will need a licensed technician to fix this issue. A technician will drain your heater to remove extra magnesium, calcium and other minerals. By immediately calling a licensed plumber, you will be able to avoid major disasters.