The mind and body of babies are continually changing in the most incredible ways and we all want to optimize every moment of this important moment. Parents need to help incorporate love of activity and encourage children to make it a part of their daily routine. While playing outside games keeps children healthy and can improve their physical endurance, in this period of a pandemic it is ideal to play indoors instead. In this article, we are going to list some home additions and activities that will keep your baby occupied. 

Musical Toys

Baby musical toys like drums, shakers, and bells are all popular acoustic percussion toys and you can purchase them as a set or individually. Musical toys assist in the development of sensories. When they can create and generate ideas using children’s musical instruments, this builds more connections in their brains. Building on gross and fine motor skills such as pounding on a drum helps develop gross motor skills while finger opening and closing help improve fine motor skills.  There are so many benefits from learning a musical instrument, and it is wonderful to introduce children at a young age.

Portable Baby Swing with Mobile

Babies can also play in a baby swing with mobile activity stations or toys, which tends to be educational as well as entertaining. This can help to keep older babies occupied when they are staying in the swing. The majority of parents buy a portable baby swing for convenience. It will be handy if you need to perform some house chores or if you have to run to the bathroom. Looking over some reviews of the top selling portable baby swings will help you evaluate your budget and help you decide which one best suits your lifestyle. Make sure to also check the information about the safety measures you need to take into account when choosing a baby swing. 

Baby Story Books

For babies and young children, reading is essential as it will help your child get to recognize sounds, words, and language and learn reading comprehension skills. They will learn to enjoy books and stories, too. It will encourage the imagination of your child and promote curiosity, and help improve the brain, cognitive skills, and social interaction abilities of your child. Reading teaches a child about interaction, and in a fun way incorporates things like numbers, letters, colors, and shapes.

Learning Toys

Educational toys can help improve problem-solving skills, demonstrate conflict resolution, and how to figure out correlations. It also teaches children about sharing, helps them improve their fine and gross motor skills, and empowers their imagination and creativity. While each child develops in their own time, it is important to continually stimulate their minds and senses to help them to develop. It’s useful to learn the different stages of development to help you identify what an age-appropriate toy is for your baby. Some of the good options are stacking toys, wooden puzzles, interactive playmats, and activity tables. 

Toys and devices affect a child’s cognitive growth, social and emotional progress, and language development. It does seem to have an effect on toys that promote certain personality characteristics or playing styles, such as more violent playing. Children may be more aggressive in playing if they have toys that promote aggression. We hope all these tips have been helpful!