Loungewear has grown in popularity in recent years, and it’s not surprising when you consider how comfortable it is! However, loungewear fashion isn’t just about feeling great: it’s about looking good too.

When it was first introduced, loungewear was restricted to lazy weekend mornings at home. Now, you’ll see celebs and fashionistas sporting loungewear every chance they get. If you want to up your game and perfect your style, take a look at these top tips and look amazing in loungewear now.

  1. Wear a statement shoe

Loungewear might be designed to look pretty casual but wearing a relaxed show can detract from the look. Steer clear of shoes that are too casual, like flip flops or tired trainers. If you want your loungewear to impress, combine it with a statement shoe, and elevate it into an outfit you can wear anywhere.

  1. Mix proportions

If you choose a loose fit shirt, pair it with tighter fitting pants and vice versa. By doing so, your clothes will always accentuate your shape, rather than hide it. Loungewear is designed to be flowing and comfortable but wearing baggy clothes on top and bottom will make you look bigger than you are. By mixing proportions, you can combine the best of loungewear and make the most of your shape.

  1. Make a statement

When you’re rocking loungewear, you don’t have to settle for nondescript fashions or plain fabrics. In fact, you’ll find plenty of custom graphic tees and prints you can make a splash with. From sarcastic slogans and cute cartoons to paisley prints and bold colors, there are no limits when it comes to loungewear style.

  1. Factor in hair and skincare

You don’t need to get all glammed up when you’re wearing loungewear, but don’t forget to run a brush through your hair and practice a good skincare routine. If you choose to wear makeup, a tinted moisturizer, a slick of eyeliner, and a dash of lip gloss is a great way to accentuate your look.

A ‘natural, just got out of bed look’, may be the perfect way to complete your loungewear style but we all know it takes a little more work than that! With a little help, however, you can perfect your au natural image with minimal effort.

  1. Wear jewelry

If you want to turn your loungewear into ‘any-wear’, add some bling. A statement watch, a chunky necklace, or even a thumb ring can set off your entire outfit and complete your look. By adding accessories, you’re showing that your look is well put-together and planned. By bringing every element of your outfit to the fore, the right mix of bling will bring your loungewear game to the next level.

Explore Your Loungewear Style

Loungewear is great because it’s a style that suits everyone. However, it’s worth experimenting with different cuts and fabrics to find what works best for you. By doing so, you can ensure your loungewear wardrobe is effortlessly chic, uber comfortable, and always on-trend.