The world is evolving day by day. This means market competition is rising high, and spreading the business is becoming more difficult and painful. The major difficulty most sellers are facing nowadays is to sell their products. Making sales in 2020 has just become like snatching the hen from the giant.

All-day long, the seller put all their effort, energy, and their time in, just to find out that they will make only two or three sales a week. Isn’t it disappointing? Let’s face it, making sales is not a game of child, you can’t make enough sales until your blood starts to sweat. 

But there are some basic strategies and tips that can make you increase your sales. Though these strategies aren’t going to make big difference but adopting them might make the condition of your sales much better.  So, stick till the end to find out which strategy will work best for you.

Consider Giving Giveaways

If you are a big investor and have a lot of money to invest in your business then this strategy will do great for you. Give 100 free giveaways of your product for 8 days without any break. This will surely bring a great number of customers to your store.

And once your product starts selling, gradually decrease the number of giveaways, and eventually when the amount of selling products becomes equal to the number of giveaways, then it’s time to put a stop on it. Because now, when your customers have become aware of your product and its quality they will surely come to buy it. 

If you are not comfortable with giveaways, change it to buy one get one free promotion strategy. This will not only bring sales but also you’ll have new customers.

Sell Online

Selling online can be 10 times better than making a regular sale. The reason is, when you are selling your product in a specific city or country, your customers will be limited only to that geographical area of yours. 

While when you are selling online, there is a whole wide world in front of you. You can sell your products in different cities in different countries. You will have customers from all around the world. This will also make a good impression on your reputation and public image. 

So even if you are making regular sales, must consider making your professional website and start selling your product there. You can also sell your products on amazon, this will be a much better option as the whole world is familiar with amazon. 

Offer More Benefits Than Your Competitor

Customers like benefits, and if your competitor who is selling the same product like yours,  and is giving them more benefits like discounts offers, coupons, gift cards, or better price, then it is no surprise that he is going to attract all the customers. So, identify your competitor, search what benefits he if giving and try to offer much better than him. 

Never Underestimate the Power of Social Media

The best way of making your product popular is to start marketing on social media. Join the groups related to your products, or join any other foreigner groups that have a great number of members and start giving the ads of your products there. It is surely going to give you a good number of customers to fill up your pockets.    

Focus on Negotiation to Persuade Your Customer

Last but not least, talk with your customer. A large number of your sales depend upon how you negotiate with your customer. Start with the sweet-talking and gradually persuade him to buy your product, but make sure that your customer has not the slightest idea that you are persuading him into this. Just keep it as simple and natural as you can. 

Power dialer software is an excellent way of growing your outbound sales. You can save up to 70 percent of the time by avoiding voicemail, better managing contact details, and more time in live conversations. You can burn through your contact list four times faster without anyone even suspecting you are relying on technology.