So many of our female readers have lost confidence in their shapes once they start having children. They wrote to us, “My body is no longer the same. I can never fit into these pants/ shirts/ dresses… ever again!”

Guess what? That could not stray further from the truth. Body sizes are never the issue in the first place, and these best outfit ideas for moms will be living proof that women can look gorgeous in all ages and styles. 

Seven Best Outfit Ideas for Moms – What Are They? 

1. Leggings + Long Cardigans + Basic Tees + Backpacks + Slide Sandals

It’s hard to find a better outfit for a busy housewife! But of course, feel free to add some tweaks and personal touches on your own, such as switching cardigans into olive jackets or oversized blazers. 

A backpack only adds more charms and practicality to your overall outfit. Stylish and chic, yet big enough to throw every item inside! 

2. Basic Tee + Gold Jewelry + Jeans + Sneakers + Pullover

Put-together, fashionable, yet super cozy – a huge step up from those bland joggers! Their loose and carefree style will lift off those distressing vibes often found in occupied moms to give you a more energized look. 

Pick up a few pieces of jewelry to seal the deal. Wear them to your next playdates or Target runs to wow your husband and close friends!

3. Graphic Tee + Shacket + Chelsea Boots

A global favorite for falls and cold winters! Chelsea boots are the go-to option to pair with your well-liked socks. 

But, once the weather warms up – and the first signals of spring arrive – wear the T-shirt only and change those stylish boots to flip flops or sandals. 

And for Christian moms, nice-looking Christian apparel in place of regular T-shirts will make you look both polite and stylish in either casual or biblical events. Been there, done that!

4. Sweater + Sneakers + Joggers + Gold Jewelry

Nothing can be as adaptable as a sweater – literally any color can go with it, though we prefer dark blue or light gray for maximum versatility. To find a stylish sweater that can be worn for any event, from casual to formal, visit for a wide selection of options.

Mom jeans or leggings are some great alternatives to joggers. And if you are currently working from home, a cool-looking V-neck added to the sweater can be the cherry on top.

5. Cotton Dresses + Leopard Sandals + Chambray + Crossbody

Fair Indigo has a lot of awesome cotton clothing on their site. They carry styles that are 100% cotton, and all of their clothing is made with pima cotton, which is known to be really high quality.

An unmatched outfit choice for the hottest summer days: casual, adorable, and cozy. 

It would be great to spot a loose and long dress that still looks figure-flattering. Add some coverage with chambrays, tying them in the front for a trendier look and defined waist. 

Fashionable women often wear them to date nights, lunches, or shopping trips with other moms.

6. White Tee + Belt Bag + Jewelry + Sneakers + Jean Shorts

Looking for something that will NEVER go out of trend? Then this outfit is tailor-made for you! Feel free to throw the shorts away and replace them with any of your preferred pant styles, though.

These items shine best when visiting the zoo, running errands, or during fun weekend activities with your partner and children. Don’t forget to wear a beautiful bag around your waist as crossbodies! 

7. Jumpsuits/ Rompers

The dream of every mom indeed. A preset, one-piece outfit that will not give you a headache with bothersome add-ons and extra pieces! 

Some tips to bear in mind:

  • Be more cautious if you want to add more layers over the top, as it might complicate the bra usage. 
  • Pair the jumpsuit with sandals and sneakers. You will look effortlessly stylish – as if you didn’t even try! For girl’s nights or romantic dinners, throw on heels and blazers. 

Important Factors for Moms to Consider When Choosing Outfits

Factors to consider 


Regardless of your clothing choices, they should withstand long motherhood – from your child’s first crawling days to fun outdoor activities for pre-teens. There’s nothing worse than a shirt that unravels after only one wash! 

And how to assess whether an item is durable or not? Click here


A must for any woman – not just moms. An uncomfortable, itchy item will likely stay for years in the wardrobe without being worn – a waste of your money and effort!

Go to the store to try them directly – or at least read through reviews carefully if you can’t. Any slightest hint of stiffness means it is not for you. 


No more decision fatigue whenever you go out with your husband and kids. With a diverse and practical capsule wardrobe, you always have something great to wear for every occasion. 


These best outfit ideas for moms grant you a sporty, effortless look that can make even single women green with envy! Keep in mind extra smart-buying tips in the latter half of our article, and feel free to reach us if you want more help.