The menace of drug addiction is taking the world by storm. More and more people are sinking to the use of drugs due to various factors. Financial problems, strained relationships, workload, and depression are some of them. In addition, the environment also plays a great role in thrusting a person into the clutches of drugs. You can identify a drug addict by his changed behavior. Moreover, different physical symptoms appear when an individual becomes a drug addict.

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Addiction is not Misuse of Drugs

Misuse means taking excessive, incorrect, or non – therapeutic medication. Not every one that misuses a substance has an addiction. An individual who has not gone to the level of addiction is likely to stop using drugs due to its harmful effects.  But the one who has crossed the barriers keeps on taking drugs despite its potential dangers.


The person who has entered into the realm of addiction seeks drugs uncontrollably. Therefore, his interest in daily activities drops down as his thoughts revolve around his addiction. Behavioral changes occur, and the addicted person often lashes at people who confront his dependency on drugs. There is a kind of secrecy in his actions that can be observed by his behavior. You can see a marked risk-taking while accessing the drug or engaging in it. Lack of motivation is also prominent.

Depending on the type of drug, signs, and symptoms may vary.

Cannabis-containing substance

The eyes become red, and there is an increase in blood pressure and heart rate. Furthermore, there is a sense of feeling high.  An individual may show extraordinary cravings for certain foods.

K2 and Bath Salts

Its use elevates the mood—some users of K2 experience extreme anxiety. Hallucinations and vomiting are also common in such drug addicts.

Stimulants like Meth, Cocaine

These are the energy boosters and cause extreme alertness and restlessness. Also, pupils are dilated, and speech becomes rapid. Other symptoms that usually follow after their intake are nausea, vomiting, and weight loss.

Club Drugs

Such kinds of drugs are mainly used in clubs and parties. Ecstasy is one of the most commonly used drugs in such places. Common symptoms that appear in such patients are hallucinations, paranoia, chills, and involuntary shaking.

Opioid Painkillers

Opioids are made from opium or prepared synthetically. Heroin and morphine are the most common forms of opioids. They induce the symptoms of a reduced sense of pain, drowsiness, constricted pupils, and depression.


Different factors can lead a person to drug addiction. The environment plays an important role in this regard. Your family beliefs and attitudes and the social groups you join can contribute to making you vulnerable to drugs. Furthermore, genes also decide your reaction to a particular use of a drug. Genes may favor addiction or completely reject it. That is why many people, despite their exposure to drugs for some time, do not become addicted to drugs. Diseases like depression and anxiety act like a catalyst if you are at the initial stages of using drugs. Suppose your bond with your family is weak, your chances of resorting to drug addiction increases. Therefore, your family needs to know about your problems, your inclinations, and your friends. 


The major step to take for the recovery process is the recognition of the problem. It is difficult to initiate a recovery process if a person denies having a problem or is unclear about it. However, with the pressing of friends and family members, the treatment usually begins. A health professional assesses the situation to know the severity of the addiction. Treatment benefits even in tough and prolonged cases, but unfortunately, most people do not receive help.

Considering the complex nature of drug addiction, multiple types of treatments are necessary for positive results. Thus, if there is a combination of medication with individual or group therapy, the results are promising. Medication is effective in regulating drug cravings and reduces symptoms of withdrawal. In addition, therapy can help the addicted person in making behavior changes and develop self-esteem in them.

Destructive Effects of Addiction

Addiction mostly starts within social circles when someone is offered a drug for recreational purposes. With time, the cravings increase, and the addicted person keeps on increasing the dose. As your dependency increases on drugs, so you find it quite difficult to go without the use of drugs. At that stage, the drug has taken control over you. Parents should have a keen eye on their children to know if they are taking drugs. They will try every possible way to keep their drug use a secret. They can even escape a urine drug test with the help of synthetic urine. Different synthetic urine brands are available in the market. These brands, as dr greens agent x, prepare synthetic urine that quite resembles the real one in characteristics.


The effects of drug use are so influencing upon the life of a drug addict. The suffering is not only physical but mental also. An addict’s life is completely changed.  Drug addicts see themselves losing, but they feel helpless. They are no longer able to participate in the affairs of life normally. Relations are strained, and they find on the verge of losing their loved ones. Society starts rejecting them, and they go more and more into seclusion.