Has your diaper bag become a bottomless pit of unnecessary items? We understand that you’re trying to clean your diaper bag out, but forget what diaper bag essentials need to be packed.

In this article, we will give you a refreshing crash course on all of the items that you need to have in your diaper bag. Continue reading this article to find out what to leave in the bag and what to leave out of the bag.

Your Diaper Bag Essentials

Before we talk about the items that go into a diaper bag, you first need to choose a diaper bag. Ensure that the diaper bag you want fits your personality and has the storage that you need it to have.

The diaper bag is meant to hold all of the necessities that you need for your child not to act as a purse for the items that your child doesn’t need. Of course, putting things like your wallet in the diaper bag is okay, but try to refrain from putting your makeup bag and other nonessential items into the diaper bag.

What tends to happen is when more of the things from your purse make it into the bag, there’s less room for the items your child will need.

  1. Extra Change of Clothing

When you have children, it seems like their clothes are a magnet for everything that they eat or do. Therefore, in the diaper bag, you should pack an extra pair of clothing for your child.

This will give you the clothing necessary in case of an accident without forcing you to return home during a family outing.

  1. Travel Size First Aid

When you’re on the road or visiting family, your child may get hurt while away from home. In your diaper bag, you should keep a travel size first aid kit.

This way, you’re prepared for any medical emergency that can be solved using an alcohol-wipe, band-aid, and a kiss to make everything better.

  1. Pack a Blanket

Packing a blanket is essential because children can turn anyplace into a place to take a nap. Not only can you use a blanket to cover your child while they are sleeping, but you can also use the blanket as a nursing cover.

The blanket will give you the privacy you need when you’re breastfeeding your child in public places.

  1. Pacifiers

Pacifiers have magical powers that instantly help to calm a child down. That’s why they are one of the items that must be packed in your diaper bag.

Pacifiers also have a way of disappearing when you need them; therefore, we recommend packing more than one pacifier. A pacifier can be the difference between a meltdown or a peaceful afternoon.

  1. Bottle or Sippy Cups

If you’re a mother that doesn’t breastfeed or doesn’t like to feed in public, then your bag needs to have a bottle in it. The bottle can contain formula so that you can quickly prepare a bottle for your child. Or it can hold water for your child to drink when they get thirsty.

Is Your Diaper Bag Ready?

Diaper bag essentials are different for everyone depending on the needs of their child. However, the items we listed above should always be staples in your bag, no matter what.

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