We all have been through that poem in kindergarten, what was its name, yes:  “baby baby, yes mama”. This poem is the proof that baby’s love for sugar is infinite, it can make him do anything, even lie to his mom. 

Yeah, babies love sugar, no matter in what form it is, they can eat it without taking a break. But the question is: is it good for their health? We all know the answer, but still, we give it to our beloved ones, without even bothering the harm it can do to those little lives.

That’s why it is always suggested by the experts to go for brown sugar instead of the white one. Brown sugar carries many more benefits than regular sugar and is completely harmless. 

Whereas white sugar contains harmful chemicals like phosphoric acid, biocide, and decolorizing agents that are used during its production. Unlike white sugar, which is only sweet and carries no attractive flavor, brown sugar has the unique taste that makes babies fell in love with it.    

Benefits of Brown Sugar for Babies

There are many countless benefits of brown sugar for babies, but at the moment, we will be discussing a few of them. So let’s start with the first one.  

Chemical-Free Sweetener

As I have already mentioned, white sugar contains harmful chemicals and the human body cannot tolerate their presence. Not only this, but all of its minerals are also extracted which makes it a sweetening agent without any health benefit. Whereas, the production of brown sugar doesn’t include any chemical and is 100 % natural. 

Contain Vital Minerals

Brown sugar is stuffed with certain beneficial minerals that are vital for human growth. Some of the notable chemicals are magnesium, potassium, iron, phosphorus, and calcium. On the other hand, all the minerals and vitamins are extracted from the white sugar making it the unhealthiest carbohydrate of all.  

Helps Prevents Child Obesity

As we all know, sweets and bakery products are the leading causes of obesity in babies because of the large number of calories present in them, and these calories are coming straight from the white sugar. On the contrary, brown sugar contains minimum calories than white sugar, use it with wheat or barley to make some delicious biscuits, bread or cereal for them. It can save them becoming obese at a young age.   

Boosts up the Energy Level of Babies

Just like the regular sugar, brown sugar gives an immediate boost to energy level thus keeping your baby active, but in a more healthy way. 

Improves Digestion in Babies

Adding brown sugar in your baby’s water can truly helm him with digestion thus preventing the chances of constipation. You can also use this method for yourself if you are coping with acidity, just add a few slices of ginger and brown sugar in water and give it a boil, drink it for three days and you will notice the difference. 

Helps Infants Dealing with gas Problems

If your baby is being colicky, then give him a spoonful of brown sugar diluted in boiled water, it will do wonders, because a baby often becomes colicky due to gas problem, and a spoonful of brown sugar can give him relief from that unbearable pain.