Experts usually suggest going for brown sugar instead of white sugar. Brown sugar carries more benefits than regular sugar, but the two are very similar. 

Whereas white sugar contains harmful chemicals like phosphoric acid, biocide, and decolorizing agents that are used during its production. Unlike white sugar, which is only sweet and carries no attractive flavor, brown sugar has a slightly more unique taste and quality.

So what are the differences between these two sugars?

Chemical-Free Sweetener

As already mentioned, white sugar contains harmful chemicals and the human body cannot tolerate their presence. Not only this, but all of its minerals are also extracted which makes it a sweetening agent without any health benefit. Whereas, the production of brown sugar doesn’t include any chemical and is 100% natural. 

Contain Vital Minerals

Brown sugar contains some beneficial minerals that are vital for human growth. Some of the notable chemicals are magnesium, potassium, iron, phosphorus, and calcium. On the other hand, all the minerals and vitamins are extracted from the white sugar making it the unhealthiest carbohydrate of all.  You can use brown sugar with wheat or barley to make some delicious biscuits, bread or cereal. For those with dietary restrictions or gluten sensitivities, it might be crucial to know the information if sugar is gluten free before incorporating it into various recipes.

Improves Digestion

Adding brown sugar in water can help with digestion thus preventing the chances of constipation. Always check with your pediatrician first if trying this for your child. You can also use this method for yourself if you are coping with acidity, just add a few slices of ginger and brown sugar in water and give it a boil, drink it for three days and you will notice the difference.