Autism or autism spectrum disorder is a developmental disability that presents challenges in social interactions, behaviors, and cognitive skills. Autism is a broad term that contains many sub-categories. It is important for parents to recognize this condition in kids to get them the help they need. Many search for ABA therapy near me as a means of locating specialized providers.

For one, all parents, in general, should pay attention to early signs of Autism. It can help you keep a tab on your child’s development. Increased involvement in your kid’s social skills will also make things easier for the doctor who is treating your kid.

#1 Not Picking On Social Cues

Human beings use their body and facial expressions to convey a lot of emotions. However, these social exchanges are missed by kids with a possible case of autism. They find it hard to understand the emotional message if not expressed in words. 

For example, they won’t respond to a smile or any other emotion that hasn’t been communicated verbally to them.

#2 Communication Is Limited Or Almost Nil

An alarming thing that you need to watch out for as a parent is your child’s communication skills. It is important to note that delayed speech might not necessarily point to Autism. But it has been a common trait in kids on the autism spectrum. 

In any case, you need to observe and pay attention to your child’s speech development and his/her willingness to engage in a conversation. Kids with autism often dislike engaging with kids of their age and stay aloof even with their families.

#3 Be Concerned About Repetitive Behavior 

While it is fairly common amongst young children to repeat an action after learning it, they tend to move on after a while. However, if your kid has turned obsessive about an action or an object, then you need to give them the attention that they deserve. Keep in mind that change is a difficult process for children on the autism spectrum. 

In such situations, ABA therapy, better known as Applied Behavior Analysis, can help. ABA therapy techniques are crucial in understanding mannerisms that are exhibited by the child and how to modify them.

#4 Cliched But True – Go With Your Gut

Despite all your apprehensions about raising kids, every parent has a parenting instinct that helps them to understand their kids’ emotional and mental state. 

So, if you feel that your child is not responding to you in a way that they should, you may need to consult a specialist. Pay close attention to the cognitive development of your child. The moment you feel something is not right, get help. It will also be less stressful for you and your child.

#5 Lack Of Empathy

One of the key things that you must look out for to detect autism is how your child responds to the pain of others. If your kid doesn’t understand the concept of empathy or fails to recognize the signs of pain in others, then you need to be worried.  

In fact, in many cases, the kid himself/herself fails to understand the concept of pain even in their own body. In which case, it is even more alarming for parents and hence they should act on it immediately.


In the case of autism, early diagnosis can help you to provide the best medical help for your child. Many popular faces in the world are a part of the spectrum such as Woody Allen, Susan Boyle, Tim Burton and Dan Harmon, to name a few. You should not fear the problem, in fact, with the right assistance and treatment, kids with autism can lead a happy and less stressful life. And remember to take care of yourself, as a caregiver of a child with autism.

Don’t fall for misinformation and always seek help from the experts. Hope this article helped and informed you!