Breakups are always tough. No matter whether it was a mutual decision to end it or one person decided that it just wasn’t working for them anymore, it can be so difficult to start all over again as a single person. Especially when you have just got out of a long-term relationship, looking ahead to your new single life can be incredibly overwhelming. You get into a routine when you are in a relationship and now it may seem like your life is topsy-turvy. 

But when the initial shock of a breakup wears off, you will come to see that being single opens up a whole load of opportunities that you didn’t expect. 

To help all the newly single people to adjust to their new situation in a positive way, this article will explain the surprising advantages of leading a single life.

1. More Time to Focus on Yourself

Relationships are all about compromise, and so to make our partner happy, we often suppress certain elements of our personality or give up things we like. When you are recovering from a breakup, it is really important to focus on the positives, and one of the biggest positives is that you are totally free to do what you like. Trying to juggle a relationship with the demands of work, regular exercise, and social time with friends can be next to impossible. Now that you are single, you can prioritize yourself and the things that you like to do. 

2. Opportunities to Meet New People

When you are in a relationship, the opportunities to meet new people can often be slim, as you tend to do things as a couple or with other couples. Insecurities in a relationship most often rear their ugly heads when one person in a relationship makes new friends or starts a new job where there are new people. Even if a friendship with a new work colleague or someone you meet down the gym is totally innocent, your partner can get jealous. When you are single again, you are free to meet new people and build new friendships and potential relationships without worrying about upsetting anybody else.  

3. Financial Freedom

Relationships can be expensive, especially if you are planning to get married or buy a home together, then you often have to tighten your purse strings. It is often financial problems which lead to the deterioration of a relationship, but you may find when you are single again that you have far more financial freedom. It is only right that when you are with someone, you are a little more responsible with your money as you are building a life together. When you are single, however, you are free to spend your money however you like or even quit a job that you don’t enjoy which before you weren’t able to do. 


The shock of a breakup and the new situation that you find yourself in can be very disorientating but it is important to look at the upsides. Being single gives you more time for yourself, more financial freedom, and new opportunities to meet other people. Who knows? With all that new freedom, you may just end up meeting a new special someone.