All of us are paying extra attention to our hair. Men or women, we can admit that it is one part of our body where we pay the extra time to make it look good. It is very important for our appearance and our self-esteem. How we are recognized can be greatly affected by how our hair looks. However, it is very common that some of us may have problems regarding our hair. One common hair problem is hair loss. Each time we look at ourselves in the mirror, we can see our hair thinning out or our hairline receding. If you are experiencing this (or don’t want to experience it, ever!) Here are some expert tips on how to manage your hair loss problem.

Proper Diet

You might not know it, but your diet and hair loss are greatly interconnected. Eating vegetables, herbs, nuts, seeds, and fish can slow and reduce the risk of female or male pattern baldness. The results are positively shown when you follow this diet and consume high amounts of this food. Besides, eating food with protein and Vitamin A can help you prevent hair loss. Protein-rich food like eggs, dairy products, chicken, and turkey should be associated with your food. Vitamin A on the other side can increase the rate of hair growth, it is also in charge of sebum production which keeps the scalp healthy and retains more hairs. Vitamin A rich food is sweet potatoes and peppers and spinach. Having nutritional deficiencies might be a big factor in your hair loss problem. 

Medical treatments

Hair loss can be a huge problem for someone and doing medical treatment can be the most effective method to do. Both men and women suffer this, however, a higher percentage of men experience this one. Singapore, a highly progressive country with a lot of men are experiencing stress from work and other factors mentioned that the demand for is on demand. Hair transplant Singapore clinics claimed that they are treating hair loss using regenerative technology. Another option can be laser therapy that stimulates skin stem cells. Lastly, you can opt for injecting platelet-rich plasma into your scalp to help boost growth on the scalp that has already been affected by hair loss. 

Supplements For Your Hair

If you can’t balance your diet due to some restriction or any other personal reasons, you can also take folexin hair supplements that can help your hair grow thicker and fuller. Aside from Vitamin A, Vitamins B, C, D can also help. Selenium, Iron, and Zinc can help with hair growth and retention. You can also try Biotin or Vitamin H or B7 which helps in fatty acid synthesis in the body. Fatty acid synthesis plays a huge part in your hair life cycle and it can cause hair loss if it is not done. You can easily find multivitamins on drugstores or you can ask your doctor for a prescription.  

If you want to try herbal medicine, you can also use Saw Palmetto. The berries of the plant are used in supplements to improve testosterone health, balance hormone levels, and prevent hair loss in men. Ginseng, on the other hand, contains chemicals that promote hair growth, although there are no further studies and research that back this information up, you can try ginseng supplements or topical solutions.

Proper Hair Care

Proper hair care also plays an important role in preventing hair loss. Washing your hair regularly can help keep your scalp healthy and clean. Avoid using shampoo with harsh chemicals. They can cause damage and hair breakage that can eventually end in hair loss. You can also use coconut oil and olive oil that keeps your hair healthy and restores its life from any damages caused by sun, chemicals, and treatments. It can also secure any protein from your hair, from root until strand. Lastly, massaging it to your scalp can help with blood circulation and regrowth.  

Avoid pulling your hair or doing tight ponytails because it can pull your hair from the root and result in hair loss. Using hairdryers, irons and the likes can also make your hair vulnerable. Moreover, chemical solutions put in your hair can highly damage not only your hair but also your scalp. Ensure that you opt through organic ones that don’t contain any harsh chemicals.

Hair loss can be hereditary or influenced by genes, however, your lifestyle can greatly affect it too. You must know what to eat, how to care for it, and how to avoid it. With these things mentioned, it can be said that prevention is better than cure. Follow these expert tips to ensure that you can keep your healthy and good looking hair.