The serviced office is a relatively new business concept that differs from the traditional lease of office space. The service provider does not just offer to rent a place to work, but provides a full-fledged work environment in which dedicated, qualified personnel is responsible for the daily worries and tasks of technical support such as managed it services. After you have successfully passed the entire procedure for registering your activities, received licenses and all other necessary documents, you will definitely have a question in choosing an office.

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Choosing an office is an important process since your office is the face of your company. When choosing an office, you must proceed from the specifics of your activity. There are a number of important points to consider when choosing an office.

One of the most important criteria for choosing serviced offices is, of course, the choice of its location. The success of your enterprise largely depends on the convenience of the office location for you, your employees and your future clients. Also, the choice of the area directly depends on your activities and preferences. These spaces are an alternative to fixed office space, without all of the restrictions of a lease, guaranteeing exceptional hospitality and world-class office experience. The company has six buildings in the heart of London with brilliant transport links to both the underground and main line stations in and out of the city.

Another important point in choosing the location of the office is the availability of nearby public transport stops and parking. Your office should be located a 5-minute walk from the bus, because otherwise you, your employees, and most importantly, your clients will not be comfortable getting there. This can alienate your potential customers. 

Of course, if you don’t want to be tied to the opening hours of business centers, then you should choose an individual office. But not every firm needs such an office. For example, if you have an online store, then an ordinary office in a business center will be enough. This will cut your costs and make your business more profitable.

An important role is played by the condition of the office, the availability of repair, as the office is the face of your firm. And it should be neat. Otherwise, it can greatly upset your customers and they will not return in the future. Your potential client should feel comfortable in your office and leave with a desire to return. Also, this means that this place should be comfortable and set up for a working mood. 

The financial criterion is the pricing policy for commercial real estate. Often, office owners deliberately inflate the price of their real estate, thus trying to show its importance, but such prices are not always justified. At the same time, you should not chase cheap offices, as they may have hidden legal problems. Remember that a good office will never be cheap. Look for the best deals on the combination of price and quality.

When choosing an office, you should also pay attention to the size of the area. You should plan or know the number of your subordinates, and based on their number, you will know how much office space you need. Often, heads of firms accommodate many more employees in the office than allowed with a desire to reduce costs. As a result, work efficiency drops, and employees don’t want to work in such conditions. It is very important that your subordinates are satisfied with their work conditions because only in this case, it is possible to achieve ambitious goals and heights.

Pay attention to the building’s occupancy and visibility. It is important to know who else is renting the premises in the building. Firstly, if there are companies with well-known names, this means that the office meets high-quality standards.

Carefully discuss the terms of the lease. Of course, ideal if you have your own legal service that will monitor the literacy of drafting the contract and minimizing risks. If there is no such service, you can contact external lawyers. These are the main criteria that must be followed when choosing an office space for your business.