Hiking is a really fantastic hobby that is loved by people all around the world. No matter what age you are, hiking gives you the perfect opportunity for getting some fresh air, enjoying the great outdoors, and staying fit and healthy. More and more seniors these days are hiking regularly and are reaping all of the health and well-being benefits. In order to make the most out of every hiking trip, it is necessary to prepare well.

Here are our 4 top hiking tips for active seniors.

1. Pack Some Snacks and Water

This is so important because you have to keep your energy levels up when you are going on a long hike. The best snacks to take with you are high energy ones that don’t weigh a lot. A one really great snack that many people take with them when they go hiking is the trail mix. This is perfect for giving you the energy spikes you need when the path is getting hard and fatigue is starting to set in. There are various different brands of trail mix that you can buy, but it is even better if you make your own. Nuts, cereals, dried fruit, and candy can all be experimented with to create the perfect trail mix.  

2. Buy a Quality Backpack

Whatever snacks you bring, you are going to need a strong and well-made backpack to carry your food and all your other supplies. There are many affordable hiking backpacks for seniors available so shop around and find one that suits you. It needs to be big enough to hold everything but also light enough that it doesn’t weigh you down. The most important features of any hiking backpack are comfortable shoulder straps and balanced weight distribution. Try out a few in the shop or read online reviews to make sure that you buy the right backpack.

3. Invest in Some Durable Hiking Boots

Nothing ruins a day hiking in the hills like a twisted ankle or a foot full of blisters. Your footwear is the single most important piece of clothing when it comes to a hike, so it is well worth investing a little money. There are so many options available and the best pair will somewhat depend on the kind of terrain and climate you will experience on your hike. If you are hiking somewhere where there are streams to traverse or where it rains a lot, then waterproofing is very important. In drier, sandier places, breathability should be your priority when choosing your footwear.

4. Be Sensible About Your Limitations

It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced hiker or forty years or you have just got into trekking, knowing your physical limits and not putting yourself in danger is vital. Remember that usually when you hike, you will follow one trail and then turn around and follow it back to your starting point. Make sure to leave yourself enough energy for the return journey or you could find yourself in big trouble stuck out in the middle of nowhere. 

Hiking is such a great pastime and it has so many benefits for people of all ages. It is so important to take the right steps to prepare so that your hike is as fun and as safe as possible. Follow these tips and have a great trek!