Time spent in the backyard patio with family and friends can be some of the most memorable. Among the most important things that contribute to the hospitable ambiance is the patio furniture. However, since these can be quite expensive, you need to take good care of them, especially during the long winter months when you are not using them. This makes investing in good quality patio furniture covers essential.

A brief guide on buying patio furniture covers:

The Need for Patio Furniture Covers

Because patio furniture is exposed to the harsh effects of sunlight, rain, and snow, as well as high winds, flying debris, and high levels of humidity, you need to make sure that they are protected well. You can buy specially-designed patio furniture covers that may be a single piece for the entire set of the table and chairs or smaller covers for each of the pieces individually. Even if you do not live in an area with extreme weather or highly-contrasting seasonality, it still makes good sense to protect your patio furniture from dust and dirt, leaves, pollen, flowers, etc. or even the buildup of dew that can slowly but surely damage your costly furniture.

How to Get Your Selection of the Patio Furniture Cover Right? 

Buy the correct size of cover: You are likely to discover many online retailers, selling what they claim is a universal size for patio furniture covers. However, you should always choose to buy patio chair covers that fit well to avoid wasting your money on covers that are either too small or too large. If the company making the furniture does not supply the covers, you should carefully measure the dimensions of the table and chairs. While smaller covers will not fit, even covers that are too large make them difficult to secure and you will find dirt and water getting trapped at the floor level.

Buy truly waterproof covers: Many manufacturers claim that their covers are waterproof; however, they may only afford protection against drizzles. You can choose covers made out of vinyl or heavy-duty polyester. Don’t buy the cheap varieties as they tend to become brittle, crack, and tear making frequent and expensive replacements necessary. Ensure the furniture is completely dry before you cover them to prevent the buildup of mold and mildew. Don’t get fooled into buying breathable materials as water can easily penetrate them and soak your furniture. Instead, look out for covers with vents that allow air to circulate and prevent humidity and condensation from building up inside that can lead to rusting and mold.


With the focus on covers not allowing the ingress of dust and moisture, it is easy to forget that some of the more tough materials can easily scratch the furniture when you are putting them on or removing them. To prevent this, you should look for covers with a soft lining on the inside. Make sure that the covers have tie-downs so that the covers are not blown away by gusting winds. With the proper covers, your investment in patio furniture can remain protected for many years.