Summer days become doubly enjoyable if you are having a big backyard, or garden where you could enjoy barbecue parties and simple get-togethers with family and some close friends. A passion for grilling could be a justified reason why most of you are happy to step outdoors into their gardens or backyards. Outdoor kitchens and grills necessitate nearby dining tables during the warmer months. There are unlimited ways of transforming your little patio, deck, balcony, or garden into your little paradise where you would love to enjoy time with family and some close friends. 

Dining outdoors is a standard pastime in the warmer months every year. Summertime is always marked by some celebration or the other. There are annual barbecues, weddings, and impromptu gatherings galore. Home décor experts believe that converting your backyard into a vibrant dining area does not require much effort on your part.

Here are some outdoor dining ideas.

Size of the Yard is Key to the Placement of the Table

If you are having a smaller outdoor space, the grill and dining table placement options are very much limited.  A relatively larger backyard or patio automatically implies more options. If you do not have an outdoor kitchen, you must place the dining table close to the kitchen for enabling easy access. However, place the table slightly away from the smoker or charcoal barbecue. Allow enough space for guests to move around. 

Choose the Perfect Location

Designing a fabulous dining area should be regarded as a golden opportunity to come up with a space that is an expression of your lifestyle, personality, and taste. Dining and entertaining friends and family outdoors could be one of the greatest joys. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • If you have a relatively small and somewhat limited space, you can try and place the table close to the grill or the kitchen but away from the smoky charcoal barbecue.
  • Choose for smooth entry and exit, and it may be best to place the dining table close to the door.

You may use a bar or a buffet table that complements the informal ambiance if you wish to free up some space on your dining table. However, avoid overcrowding. Maintain around 4 feet of space between the bar or the buffet table and your outdoor dining table. If you have kids around, you can put a mini table and kids bean bag chairs beside the dining table so they can also enjoy themselves.

Setting the Table Right

It is best to use a perfect outdoor table cover to protect your table from the extremes of weather, dust, or grime. Sea breeze could prove to be quite damaging to your furniture. Hence, keep them covered and well-protected. Moreover, you could use a tablecloth for hiding any imperfections present on the table. You may invest in some outdoor tableware since it would last for many years as compared to paper plates. It is best to use melamine to avoid broken crockery. Use suitable drink-ware for outdoors as broken glasses could dampen the spirits. 


You may use a gazebo or a tarp to provide some shade or alternatively, you could opt for colorful outdoor umbrellas to jazz up the ambiance. You may consider poolside dining for a soothing effect. The outdoor party and dining experience could leave an everlasting impression on the minds of your guests.