The garage is one of the main entry points of most homes. For some, it can also be the largest entrance on a home’s exterior, making it an area of energy loss. That is why it makes sense to opt for insulated garage doors to increase energy efficiency and save money in energy bills. Having second thoughts in insulating your garage door? Here are some of the reasons you may want to consider.

Why Install an Insulated Garage Door?

More Durable

Custom garage doors with insulation are constructed in a different way which makes them stronger. Steel or aluminium frame are the common types of materials used in most of today’s insulated doors. This frame is equipped with solid-core insulation before installing in between single or dual steel panels. The result of this construction is a lightweight, energy-efficient door that has a lesser chance to dent compared to uninsulated doors.

Older types of garage doors are typically made of thin steel sheets enclosed over the panel frames. The panels could be easily deformed by cars, bikes, and other items stored in the garage if there is no insulation. As a result, homeowners may require more maintenance work. You won’t need to worry about these things with insulated garage doors. This is because the multiple layers of insulation, aluminium, and steel will protect the garage door from being damaged.

Quieter Operation

Noise dampening may not be that appealing of a feature but it surely gives extra points over uninsulated doors. A lot of garage doors produce noise during operation. The main culprit in older garage doors is the track mechanism, usually because of loose chains. Worn down Melbourne roller doors also tend to produce a squeaky sound. Poorly lubricated hinges and springs are another common cause of noise in garage doors.

Panels in doors that are uninsulated vibrate which causes noise. Insulation can decrease the vibration and eventually minimize the noise from outside the door. Another advantage of an insulated door is that it is constructed more tightly. Thus, there’s fewer loose material to make noise. Also, it’s improbable for an insulated door to jolt on the track because it is heavier than uninsulated doors.

Better Protection

Cars, if kept at freezing temperatures all the time, may have dying batteries, low air pressure in tires, or unreliable spark plugs and wiring. During the warmer days, your cardboard boxes and paint cans can wilt and rot due to moisture if there is no insulation. No matter what the season is, insulated garage doors can give better protection to all the items you store in your garage. Plus, since insulated doors are constructed more tightly, rodents, insects, and other pests will have a hard time finding their way through.

Ready to Have Your Garage Door Insulated?

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