Being in love is a truly special feeling.  Not only does being love provide you with someone who can support you, but it also provides you with someone to spend your days with. As anyone who’s been in a relationship before knows, one of the best parts of being with someone are the special dates that you go on. These dates can be extremely fun and romantic, as just simply spending time with your loved one is fantastic. That being said, some date ideas are simply better to do than others. Certain date ideas stand out as being either extremely fun or romantic, making them the perfect way to spend a night. So what are these amazing dates that you can experience? Here are eight fun date ideas that you and your partner should consider. 

Coffee Date

One of the most standard dates that you can go on is a coffee date. Coffee dates can be an extremely fun and enjoyable way to spend a morning, especially if you’re an avid coffee lover. They’re also extremely easy to pull off, as all you need is to visit a cafe or restaurant during breakfast. Getting coffee and breakfast can also be relatively intimate, as you’ll likely spend an hour or so talking. If you’re looking for a cute date that’s easy to pull off, try going on a coffee date.

Dinner and a Movie

Perhaps the most classic date you can go on is dinner and a movie. Start the night out with a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant. Just like with the coffee date, eating dinner together can be a great opportunity for conversation. After dinner, you can head to the movies and enjoy a great show while eating snacks like candy and popcorn. Getting dinner and seeing a movie is a classic combo that you can’t go wrong with when it comes to planning dates. While it may be one of the more expensive options on the list, you still should strongly consider this date option. 

Wine Tasting

An extremely fun and unique option for a date is some wine tasting. While this option may be more relevant in certain areas, if you have the opportunity to plan a wine tasting date, then you should definitely strongly consider it. Wine tasting tours can be extremely fun, as you get to travel around to various wineries and sample many different kinds of wine. In addition, you can purchase great wine for future dates or events. The only downsides to wine tasting tours are they can be quite expensive, and you might require a designated driver in order to get you home. That being said if there are wine tours available in your area, then you and your loved one should definitely check it out.


While other options on this list may have you traveling to various locations, you may want to simply have your date in your own home. The obvious advantage of having a stay-in date is that you don’t have to spend time traveling away from home. One may want to cook a nice dinner together or simply watch Netflix, as there are so many options that you can enjoy while staying in for your date. The only downside to staying in for your date is that you won’t get any new experiences. However, if you just closed on one of the Fort Myers houses for sale, it may be time to take advantage of your beautiful home and have it host your next date night. 


Instead of having a meal at a restaurant and cafe, you and your partner can pull off a great date by having a picnic. On a nice sunny afternoon, you and your loved one can pack up a wide variety of different food options and head off to a nice park or outdoor area. There’s something really romantic about having a picnic underneath the sun, making this a great date option. In addition, it only requires minimal planning and money. If you’re looking for a great afternoon date option, a picnic could be the perfect relaxing option. 


Sometimes a date doesn’t need a lot to be amazing. A good example of this are hiking dates. Going hiking with your partner is a lot of fun, as the two of you can experience some beautiful natural sights together. Just hiking through a natural area with your loved one and seeing various beautiful sights can be lots of fun and a great way to spend an afternoon. Another positive about a hiking date is it requires little planning and costs next to nothing to pull off. Finally, hiking can be extremely relaxing and some great physical activity, further adding to its positive features. If you’re an outdoorsy type of couple, then going for a hike could be a great date option. 


A great way to spend a night out is by going clubbing and dancing. Dancing can be extremely fun and exciting, especially if you do it with someone that you love. As a result, spending a night out dancing with your loved one can be a great date. Going out dancing is a great date option, but it may not be for everyone. Not everyone likes dancing, and not everyone is extroverted enough to go out clubbing. However, if that’s something you and your loved one are interested in, then it can be a fantastic way to spend your night. 

Day Trip

One of the more extensive and thought-out date options is to take a day-trip with your partner. A day-trip usually involves a couple of hours long ride to an attraction or destination, enjoying that destination, and then heading home before the day is over. Taking a day trip is a day-long commitment, so ensure that you set aside an entire day for this date option. With a day trip, you’ll spend several hours driving with your partner, giving you plenty of time for conversation. In addition, you’ll be experiencing a unique destination that you probably don’t get to experience often due to its distance. So if you’re making a trip to the West Coast, for example, make sure to search “oakland date ideas” to get the most out of your day trip. Taking a small road trip for a day is an absolute blast, especially if you get to share the experience with someone you love.