So much of the advice available about home improvements is targeted for people who are planning to sell their homes. However, you may be committed to staying in your home forever and still be interested in making improvements. For example, maybe you love to entertain and want to make your home more attractive and comfortable for guests. Here are some improvements you should think about.

1. Hot Tub

A hot tub may require an electrical upgrade if you do not already have a 110-volt or 220-volt outlet available. However, the really nice thing about custom home spas in CT is that they work in any climate, hot or cold, and can be used all year long.

2. Wet Bar

It may be easier than you think to convert an unused space in your home to a wet bar. With a little creativity, closets and under-the-stairs nooks have conversion potential.

3. Main Floor Half-Bath

It is more convenient for your guests if you have a powder room on the main floor of your home. It also offers you some peace of mind because you’ll know that you won’t have people poking around in the private areas upstairs while looking for the facilities.

4. Wall Bed

Also called a Murphy bed, this is a bed that folds up into a space in the wall. Though a staple of comedic movies and TV shows, a wall bed is safe for visitors to sleep on and convenient when you want to be able to host overnight guests but don’t have space available to devote to a separate spare room.

5. Outdoor Space

A patio, deck, or porch allows you to send the party outside when space inside gets a little tight. Think about a covered outdoor space for entertaining if you live in a climate where the weather is often wet.