Emojis are the new way of becoming creative and fun in communicating with people. For these holidays, there are a lot of emojis that you can use that represent the true spirit of the holidays. You can use these Christmas emojis to accent your jolly greeting to the people that you love. You will make their days and holidays with a personalized message followed by these Christmas emojis.

The person you are messaging will not feel the Christmas and holiday vibes merely sending a boring, standard emoji. The best thing about these Christmas emojis is that they give out and radiate that Christmas vibe. You can even mix these emojis into one message. It would feel like you are decorating the chat bubble with a bunch of Christmas emojis as your ornaments.

The goal of these Christmas emojis is to spread all the good holiday vibes around through text, chat, or whatever platform. You should be able to be like a unique Santa only this time; you are giving out great vibes and messages with a bunch of fun Christmas emojis.

Christmas Tree Emoji

There is no emoji that best describes Christmas and the holidays in general. With the Christmas tree emoji, you will send out a clear message that relates to the occasion itself. Of course, the Christmas tree emoji works best when you pair it with a unique and sincere Christmas message. Accent every greetings and well-wishes with this Christmas emoji!

The only thing about the Christmas Tree emoji and a Christmas tree, in general, is that you cannot personalize this emoji. However, this should not hinder or stop you from being the jolliest person you can be. You can customize your Christmas greeting by mixing and using other Christmas emojis to go with this one!

You can make your conversations look like a display of Christmas ornaments using this emoji and other emojis together. Personalize and let the inner creative you take on its jolliest form!

The Santa Emoji

The Santa Claus emoji also goes by the name “Father Christmas.” You may already have an idea or clue of what this emoji is about. Like Santa Claus, the Santa Claus emoji is all about bringing joy to children during the holidays. This emoji features the classic beard and festive red hat that we all know Santa Claus always wears.

If you ever find yourself in a festive and giving mood, tease a special someone about the gift that you got for them. The Santa Claus emoji, or many of them, should be a good clue for them to know that you got something for them. After all, it is the season and holiday of giving, and this Christmas emoji is all about that feeling.

Do note that Father Christmas came from a different and unique origin. However, this Santa Claus emoji both represents Father Christmas and Santa Claus.

Snowman Emoji

Do you want to build a snowman? Other than a movie reference, the Snowman emoji is also the perfect representation of Christmas. Some people go through their holiday traditions by building a snowman. It should not matter at all where they are or how close or far they are for Christmas; this emoji will surely remind them of those traditions.

The Snowman emoji is perfect for kids who love the activity of building a snowman. This activity is also best shared with adults or their parents. If you ever communicate with a parent, sending this Snowman emoji should bring up all the good memories and feelings you shared while building a snowman.

The Snowman emoji represents the classic snowman named Frosty, the Snowman. It should not be difficult to distinguish this emoji, among others, as this emoji depicts a snowman made with two or three large snowballs. Of course, you will find that the Snowman emoji has stick arms, has a top hat, carrot nose, and a smile to go with the emoji.

Wrapped Present Emoji

Who does not love gifts and presents for the holidays? Remember that ’tis the season to be giving and jolly. So, it is only right that the Wrapped Present emoji makes its way to your Christmas emoji rotation. Use this Christmas emoji in time for any celebrations that need presents like the holidays.

You can use the Wrapped Present Emoji as a signal to your close friends and family that you are looking to receive a gift this Christmas. It could also be the other way around when you find yourself on the giving side. Let all of your closest friends and family know that you got something for them for this extraordinary holiday with this Christmas emoji!

The Wrapped Present Emoji comes in with a present in a box and then tied with a bow. It surely does not get more classic than this Christmas emoji as it pays homage to the pile of gifts and presents under the Christmas tree on a Christmas morning!

Deer Emoji

The Deer emoji may come off as a regular animal emoji for some users. However, it would not be right if you did not pair your Santa Claus Emoji with a Deer emoji to pay homage to Rudolf and friends. Your holiday message and greetings will look excellent and jolly by combining the Deer emoji with other Christmas emojis!

The deer emoji comes in with a regular deer graphic. There are numerous variations of the deer emoji, as some platforms depict it with a light-brown deer in full profile. Other variations come in the form of a deer looking straight ahead. However, the Deer emoji from Google has a red nose that should perfectly represent Rudolf!

Send some Christmas vibes with emojis!

These are the best emojis to use whenever you are talking about the holidays and Christmas. No other emojis come close to the level of Christmas vibes that you will surely be able to bring out with these emojis. You can also mix and match different emojis to make up a popular Christmas reference. You can even use these emojis to decorate your chat bubble!

The goal of emojis is to be as fun and creative in messaging, chats, and social media posts. Whenever its time to spread out the holiday cheer, use these Christmas emojis as your tools in being the jolliest person in the merriest time of the year.