This summer turned out to be challenging for all of us. After the quarantine was diminished, everyone wanted to relax as much as possible. Unfortunately, our plans referred to enjoying the sea view and taking children to European amusement parks had to be postponed. However, this doesn’t mean the summer is wasted. In fact, soon after, we realized how important it was not to miss this vibrant and sunny weather.

But the question immediately arises: what to do? Of course, you can take your children to their grandparents for a couple of weeks, but the pandemic is not over yet, and it can be dangerous. Thus, here’s a bunch of creative ideas on how to engage the whole family in spending the last month of the summer, so that both you and your children will be excited.

1. Riding Out and About

Cycling is always a good idea. But it’s not recommended to get to the nearest park and ride there, no. Organize a bike ride for your children in the places of your own childhood if possible. Plan your route across the town, passing by sights that are extremely important to you and that you’d like to share with your dearest.

It may be the school where you studied and where you found your couple. Or it could be the store where you and your dad used to buy ice cream with your fave flavor. You can choose any trail, planning some stops for snacks.

In addition, you can make a game out of this so that the kids guess where to go next. You could print out the “treasure map” and mark key points, and the children will show you the direction. If your kids are bored with riding a bike, you can surprise them by investing in a go-kart, which is a game-changer! And most importantly, such a trip is a great way to bond with your children and learn something new from both sides.

2. Camping

Everybody loves camping! Getting on with nature is a great way to unwind after endless weeks of the lockdown.

Challenge the kids to think about the bare essentials for the trip. Then arrange a family gathering – explain to the children what to take with them and why, and then pack things together.

As for the routes, there are lots of camping sites all over the USA, so you can look up the nearest one. Moreover, you could go on a weekend to stay overnight, pitching a tent, making a fire, and singing your fave songs. Try to take a break from social networks and gadgets, enjoy the summer nature while it isn’t over.

Tent Camping Outdoors Hiking

3. Family Master Class

For instance, join a workshop on making unicorn toys. This could be a fascinating event for both children and adults. Alternatively, you can make up a family pottery collection or personalized cups for all family members. There are loads of such master classes, and the most important thing is that everyone can find something for their liking, sharing new experiences with your loved ones.

4. Run a Competition with Other Families

Invite your friends and their children to spend time together outdoors and arrange funny competitions like “Parents vs Children” or “The Simpsons vs The Adams”. You can come up with many thrilling contests focused not only on sports but also on intelligence. To spice things up, the losing team buys the winners snacks and drinks. Or you may invent a funny “punishment”. No doubt, both adults and kids will remember this day for long!

5. Road Trip around America

If you have an option to take a vacation or work remotely, you can take your children on a trip across the States by car. That could be a great chance to explore your country as well as take part in an amazing adventure! Choose any route you like: perhaps it’s high time to visit the place you have been dreaming for long. Besides, you may be faced with new friends and vivid landscapes on your way.

In summary, take advantage of the last summer month to enjoy the pastime with your dearest and nearest. There’s a wide range of opportunities you may use to have some rest and prepare for the forthcoming duties.