Any parent knows how frustrating the bedtime routine can be. No matter how tired you know your children are, they refuse to go upstairs and climb under the covers. This means you can’t go to bed, and they will be grumpy and sleepy the next day, despite your many, many warnings. However, this isn’t something you need to deal with too much, and if you perfect the bedtime routine, you can trust your children to go to sleep on cue every single night. 

Baby newborn teething

Make The Bedroom Comfortable for Them 

Everyone knows that you need a comfortable bedroom to feel cozy enough to get to sleep properly, so why wouldn’t you do the same for your child? 

Work with them to find out where to buy cheap bedrooms and bedroom furniture and create a place where they can feel cozy and comfortable. Ensure the room is the right temperature to help them sleep, cuddle a stuffed animal if that makes them feel better, and try to reduce the noise from the house and outside so that they don’t have any distractions. 

Fix Any Sleep Problems 

Kids can have plenty of issues getting to sleep, and they often stretch further than classic childhood stubbornness. It’s imperative for you and your partner to fix any sleep problems that will enable them to get a restful and refreshing sleep. 

One of the most consistent issues for kids is being scared of the dark or monsters hiding under the bed. While we know that’s not the case, it can still affect them getting to sleep, so use a nightlight, or even monster Spray to put their minds at ease and send them off to sleep. 

Be On The Same Page

Teamwork is vital for parents to successfully encourage their kids to do things that are beneficial to them, and its because of this that you must work together, especially when it comes to the bedtime routine. 

No parent wants to be the bad cop, but this is often how it goes. Such an approach isn’t always beneficial for your children, though, and it will mean they often try to undermine the bad cop by going to the good cop instead. Don’t allow this to happen, and be firm with your routine. 

Establish Consistency

Consistency is, arguably, the most effective way of creating the perfect bedtime routine, but it takes time to get right. Try to eat dinner as a family every night, and have dinner at the same time. After dinner, allow them to play or do their homework if they have any, and then send them to bed on the dot each night. 

It can take some time to create this consistency, but once your kids get used to it, they will be more willing to go to bed when required, and this saves the battle and ensures they are well rested for the next day. 

Sleep Tight 

Your kids will likely be resistant to go to bed at first; they’d rather play on their games console or with their toys. However, getting them into a consistent routine for bedtime will ensure that they succeed and grow just the way they need to at school, which will bring massive benefits to their lives, and yours, too.