Road trips are a fun experience for any family. However, bringing a baby on a road trip can add a set of challenges to your travels. It is imperative that you prepare as much as possible before traveling with a baby, especially the younger they are. Babies can mean bringing along a lot of gear, so plan ahead and be prepared!

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A good car seat

The best way to keep your little one safe is to invest in a good-quality infant car seat, and also be sure that it is properly installed. If you purchase a used car seat, make sure that it is not expired and that it is up to safety standards.

There are many types of car seats and they have key features for various situations and age ranges. For infants, the best choice would most likely be the infant car seat, designed to accommodate the size and needs of an infant. There are car seats that are made to grow with your child as well.  For an infant seat, you want to be sure that it is rear-facing, in which case it is a good idea to have someone sit in the back seat to monitor the infant, or have a rear-facing car seat mirror or rear-facing car seat monitor to view your child.

Diaper bag

If you are going to go on a road trip with a baby, you should be as prepared as possible with a well-stocked diaper bag! Consider a large bag that you can fill up with a good supply of supplies, including diapers, wet wipes, and extra clothes. 

Road trips usually involve several days, and there will be times where there are no convenient places to stop.You should always pack up as if you are expecting an emergency.

Blanket and sun shade

A blanket may seem like a common enough item, but it is very versatile when it comes to the car! Blankets can provide cover from the sun if the sunshine is glaring through the windows. They are also great protection against possible cold or wind during the road trip (even from air conditioning inside the car).


A stroller is a travel necessity for babies, from short to long trips. This makes it easier to transport your infant, whether you stop at a store or decide to stretch your legs. There are many kinds of strollers, from travel systems that can accommodate an infant car seat, to lightweight travel strollers for babies or toddlers that can sit up on their own.

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Food, bottles, pump and a cooler

Be sure to have a good supply of food, formula, etc. with you in the car. It can’t hurt to bring some extra in case of emergency, such as spilled food or a trip that runs longer than anticipated.  It is wise to bring a cooler to keep foods at the appropriate temperature as well.  For nursing moms, bring a pump and bottles as needed.

Pee pads and diaper cover

Although you have diapers with you, there is always a chance there could be a leak, especially when it comes to a long car ride. One effective way is to use car seat pee pads and diaper covers. You want to avoid any kind of accidents whatsoever, so that you do not have to endure a road trip with a wet or smelly car seat.

Baby toys

Babies can be tricky to entertain, especially when confined to a carseat.  It is good to come prepared with ways to entertain them, from teething toys to car seat toys.

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Supplies for parents

It is important to take care of yourself as a parent, so make sure you pack things for your own well-being, including snacks, water, and anything else that might make your trip easier. Nursing moms will want to be prepared with nursing essentials, such as water and a  Traveling with an infant can be exhausting, as babies can be quite high maintenance, especially during travel.

Trash bags & cleanup supplies

Keep a supply of small trash bags in the car for garbage (such as dirty diapers), or wrapping things up (such as soiled clothing or burp cloths). It is also wise to have some cleaning supplies, such as paper towels and wipes.

First Aid Kit 

Be sure to have a first aid kit in your car for any issues that may arise. This could come in handy for medical or other emergency situations, but also good to have things like pain relievers on hand should you experience a headache or stomach issues.


Taking a baby on a road trip can be a struggle at first. But with these essentials, you can be confident that your little one will be safe and happy throughout the trip.