New dog owners are sometimes oblivious to all the things that their new puppy will need once it arrives in their home. The mere excitement of buying or adopting a dog is enough to make them forget about everything else. Once the excitement dies down a little bit, people are left with the sense of responsibility, which is when they realize that their new family pet might need much more things than they initially thought.

Pet Dog

It would be ideal to get perfectly ready and completely prepared in advance, wouldn’t it? Yet, that’s definitely impossible. You can never be absolutely prepared and you’ll probably end up buying a lot of stuff on the go, after your pup has already arrived and been living with you for a while. There’s nothing wrong in doing things that way, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try and get at least some of the stuff in advance or immediately after you get your new pet.

If you have never owned a dog before, figuring out what you need might be a bit difficult for you. Don’t let that concern you too much, because the mere fact that you’ve found your way here tells me that you are interested and invested enough, which means that you’ll be a great owner. When it comes to buying the essentials for your new pup, you can find a useful website or two to give you some concrete and practical tips about that.

Trying to remember everything you need on your own will probably lead to a few forgotten items. Some of those items might be rather important and you definitely don’t want to forget them. That’s exactly why it is important for you to do some reading on the topic before you go shopping. There’s another reason to do that reading. When you find useful sources, they’ll be able to tell you not only the products you need, but also the types of those products and the suppliers that can sell you high-quality ones.

You’d think that a small puppy needs nothing but food and your love, but that’s unfortunately not true. Believe it or not, these little creatures tend to be a bit demanding and you’ll have to step up your game in order to keep them happy and in perfect shape. I’ll share a couple of tips on this topic and help you make your list of essential products that your new dog will need. Let’s get started.


Before going any further, you’ll need to get your puppy a collar. If you’re like most people, you’re going to get the one that fits your tastes. That’s perfectly okay, but there are some more factors to take into consideration. For starters, you should think about what would suit your puppy, both in terms of physical appearance and in terms of its character.

You’re probably thinking how it is impossible to guess the character of the puppy you are getting and you’re absolutely right. You can, however, know a few most basic features that you can expect your doggie to have, depending on its breed. The most important thing in the beginning is to get the right sized collar. Nobody is stopping you from changing it afterwards, when you actually meet your little companion. In fact, you’ll definitely need to change the collar as your pup starts growing.

A Bed

This is especially important for those owners who decide to keep their canine inside. While it’s nice to snuggle with your pet from time to time, you should definitely think about getting them their own bed and putting it in a designated spot. Both you and your canine will like to be alone from time to time and providing the animal with a comfy bed will make that happen. Make sure to get the right size and don’t forget to look into different types and choose the perfect one for your pet.

Here’s why dogs need special beds:

A Leash

I don’t suppose you’re thinking about keeping your canine inside the whole time. These animals are rather active and they need their daily dose of walking and exercising. The actual amount of exercise they will need depends on the breed, but there’s no denying the fact that every single canine needs to go out and be active. If you confine them to one spot, they’ll most likely become depressed and they’ll develop certain destructive behaviors.

You cannot exactly open the door and let your pet go out wherever it wants on its own. Of course, after you have spent some time training it properly, this might become an option, but let us not get ahead of ourselves. In any case, you will need a leash for your little friend. There are a lot of different types of leashes on the market and you need to do your research in order to get the perfect type for your dog breed.


Dogs need to eat, you know? Well, of course you knew that, but you might not have thought about what they should eat from. It’s not a good idea to just throw the food on the floor. For one thing, this will require you to clean the floors a few times a day. It is also not good for the animal, because it won’t feel like it has one designated spot for when it’s time to eat.

The above means that you will need to get a few food bowls. It’s best if you start with two bowls. Use one for food and the other one for water. Try to choose high-quality and easy-to-clean bowls, because that will make your life much easier.

A Crate

If you decide to crate train your pet, you’ll need to get the perfect crate. This type of training is recommended by many animal experts. A good and durable crate is a mandatory piece of equipment that helps with the upbringing of an indoor dog.