Shopping for wedding jewelry is an important occasion, as you are choosing jewelry that you will likely wear on a daily basis.  Most likely, you’re newly engaged, and excited to be shopping for the wedding rings of your dreams.  Or you might already be married, and looking to update your jewelry.  Unfortunately, you could also have lost or damaged a wedding ring, and are looking for a replacement.  Whatever the circumstance, this is a big decision.

Jewelry shopping can be so overwhelming, but you can make the process easier by shopping online.  I remember trying to scramble to get all of our wedding preparations finished, and having to go from store to store looking at wedding dresses and rings.  Just finding time for my fiance and I to go to a jeweler was hard enough, but then to go through the process was a hassle (and despite being 26, there were many who did not take us seriously!).  Being the planner that I am, even though online options were not as popular at the time, I picked three wedding dresses out of a David’s Bridal catalog and my top choice was the one I eventually picked!

Shopping for wedding rings has come a long way over the years.  No longer does it mean going from store to store, searching and comparing.  You can really do everything you need online.  Honestly, planning a wedding is stressful enough, and if you have issues trying to replace a ring, that can also be quite stressful.  As a bride-to-be, take the time you would spend going from store to store and spend that time doing other things.

Here are some great ways that shopping online for wedding rings can make your experience easier.

1. Decide on features first

Before you even start shopping, think about things like the type of metal you want for your ring – mainly being silver, rose gold, or gold.  There are so many styles out there, from a traditional style to one with embellishments. A lot of this has to do with your. engagement ring, and if you want diamonds on your wedding band or not.  I love this Diamond Eternity Ring, which is beautiful alone or paired with other bands or rings.

2. Know your budget

Another big thing to consider is your budget! Don’t go shopping until you have a set price in mind, and stick to the budget.  You can save a lot of time by shopping within your budget and also sticking to it.  Another advantage is that when you go into a store, it is to easy to get talked into something out of your budget by a salesperson pressuring you.

3. Consider buying as a set

I personally made the mistake of choosing a wedding band separately from my engagement ring, and it was not a great match.  The stones on my engagement ring clashed with the band and didn’t fit well together.  Eventually I ended up selling my original band, and I was fortunate to find the band that matched my 3-stone engagement ring, which nested together perfectly since they were designed as a set.

4. Take your lifestyle into account

Think about your activities and what works best with a piece of jewelry.  Do you like delicate pieces?  Do you prefer something a little hardier that won’t snag or feel uncomfortable?  You may find that you want to wear your wedding band alone so that you don’t catch the stone in your engagement ring on gloves other other things.


Overall, shopping online gives you many more options and takes away the stresses involved in shopping in stores.  This is a great way to be efficient in shopping, and save both time and money.  And for brides, spend this extra time planning for your big day!

*This post is a collaboration with Nakturnal.