You’ve woken up with a rash under your eyes that looks like you’ve been applying a generous layer of blush on your cheeks. Except that unlike the blush, you can’t get rid of it with a gentle makeup remover milk. Why does it happen?

The most common culprit is an allergic reaction. For many people, an allergic reaction can be traced back to the food you’ve eaten. Someone with a mild peanut allergy, for instance, could develop a rash after consuming a peanut-free dish that has been produced in an area that also handles nuts. That’s precisely why food labels also state whether the production process is in the vicinity of potential allergens. But don’t focus your efforts only on your diet. There may be other reasons for your rash. 

It could be a reaction to skincare products

Allergic reactions can develop over time, which means that you may find that you are allergic to a product that never caused you any issues. In summer, especially, as the skin can feel dry from the heat, you are more likely to experience rashes with peels, hair removal products, and chemically abrasive skin rejuvenating products. Give your skin a break and opt for soothing, natural ingredients that can moisturize and protect. You should also add Grahams Eczema cream to your skincare routine to help get rid of the rash. Natural skincare brands and plenty of water can help rehydrate the skin and keep rashes at bay. You may find that baby-friendly lotions are the best solutions for irritated skin. 

It could be caused by stress

Your skin is the largest external organ of the body. It is affected by a variety of factors, both environmental or related to your health. But the most significant factor in maintaining your skin appearance is your immune system. A weakened immune system is more likely to cause rashes, inflammation, and dull complexion. Therefore, keeping your body strong and healthy needs to be a priority for good skin. Simple lifestyle choices such as choosing healthy food and getting plenty of sleep can go a long way in preserving your immunologic response. You should also introduce a relaxing exercise, such as sports or meditation to soothe your nerves. A weak immune system is rapidly overwhelmed by emotions, which means that if you are going through a stressful event, you become more likely to experience stress-related rashes and irritation. 

It can be the result of sun exposure

There is such a thing as a sunlight allergy that can cause you to develop a rash. Allergies can flare up at any time, even if you’ve never had any allergy symptoms in the past. However, sun exposure reactions are surprisingly frequent. They affect roughly 10% of the population and can be triggered by some medications and topical creams. If you find yourself developing a rash after spending an afternoon in the sun, your skin may have become sensitive to sunlight. You can easily manage the issue with high SPF sunscreens and dedicated covers – a hat, for instance.  

In conclusion, your rash is an inflammatory reaction that could be caused by a variety of factors. Don’t be too quick to blame it on the ice creams or the juicy berries! Stress, chemical peels, and light sensitivity can cause a rash too. Make sure to identify the right trigger to get your skin health under control!