More often than not, Medicare is limited in terms of covering the entire out-of-the-pocket costs of healthcare, particularly for seniors. Because of this, there have been several private insurance companies that offered supplement policies to cover the gap. Below are some of the top Medicare supplement companies, especially for seniors.


GPM Insurance

One of the top Medicare supplement plans that are beneficial for seniors comes from Government Personnel Mutual Life Insurance Company or GPMLife. Among the GPM insurance plans they offer, Plan F and G are some of the most popular among their clients because these plans tend to cover all the costs that Medicare fails to do so. Among the two, Plan G is considered a much better option. Rest assured that they are highly rated for their superb customer service, rate, financial stability, and market experience. This will come as no surprise since the company has long been established in the insurance industry because of its strong and stable history.


Cigna is another Medigap provider, with its base rooted in Bloomfield, Connecticut. They are one of the providers who offer the most plans in several states, except for New York and Massachusetts. They also offer numerous customer benefits such as foreign travel emergency coverage, as well as skilled nursing facility coinsurance. Aside from this, they also offer additional coverage options for cancer treatments, heart attacks, or stroke, among others. This makes them one of the most renowned Medicare supplement companies.

Mutual of Omaha

This Medigap provider offers various plans, which include Plans A, F, G, HD-G, and N. Plan G offers coverage once the policyholder meets a certain annual out-of-the-pocket limit amount. The best part about the plans they offer is that these are generally applicable across states. However, they tend to rely on local insurance agents to gather information about their clients because they have limited online policy quotes. Nevertheless, they provide a lucrative discount should more than one member of a household join a Medigap plan.


Lastly, there is also Aetna, a company that not only offers Medigap plans but health insurance plans as well. They offer four main plans, which are Plans A, B, G, and N, but they also offer premium coverage through Plan F. The latter tends to cover all the costs that Medicare fails to do so. With Aetna, the coverage of an individual under their plan tends to remain the same, even if they move from one state to another. The great thing about this company is that they offer flexible coverage, and they also retain policies rather than canceling them because of health conditions.

The Medicare supplement companies mentioned above are only some of the best Medigap providers. There are still others such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, and Humana to name a few. The key is in carefully scrutinizing the inclusions of the coverage plan from each provider to have a good insight on the policy that will cater to your needs while getting the best value for your money.