Every spring since 1949, Albany has celebrated Tulip Festival.  The festival is located in Washington Park in downtown Albany during Mother’s Day weekend, complete with thousands of Tulips as well as a variety of events.

While there is an official Tulip Festival, you can enjoy the tulips for many weeks by visiting the park.

Parking can be tricky in this area of Albany.  The city usually provides a shuttle from parking lots, but if you go at times that aren’t busy, you may be able to park near or along the park.

This Spring 2020, the Tulip Fest was cancelled in person due to Coronavirus.  Normally, there would be a variety of events, from music to food to performances.

Despite there no events this year due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we enjoyed seeing all the different colors and kinds of tulips.  We visited on a weekday and were careful to wear masks and social distance.

The tulips really frame the well-known Moses statue in Washington Park.

I really liked the unique variety of tulips.

There were some other flowers there as well, like these hyacinths.

The Tulip Festival is something you can enjoy whether or not you attend the festival events.  We had a nice time walking around the park and looking at all the flowers and enjoying the scenery.

You can find more info at https://www.albany.com/things-to-do/tulip-festival/

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