When you have been in a car crash, the things that you do most urgently will later reflect on you if you need to go through a lawsuit. Car accident lawsuits are entirely likely, especially if someone has to get medical help or if there is property damage. To this end, you really ought to get a medical examination yourself, before too much time has passed. Why? There are a number of reasons which we will discuss below.

We are a local injury attorney firm who are able to advise you on any aspect of car crash injuries, making claims, or defending yourself as a liable person. If you happen to get into a car crash in Nevada, don’t forget to give us a call after you have seen the Doctor, in order to protect your own interests. 

With this out of the way, let’s look at why it is so important for you to seek medical help in the event of an accident, even if you don’t think you have been hurt.

Top Reasons to Seek a Medical Examination Post-Accident

When you are in a car accident, no matter how small, your first priority should be your own health. Before you get out of the car to check on the health of other people involved, you need to ensure you are OK. If you are too injured, you won’t be any use to anyone else. It is similar to when the air stewards tell you to apply your own oxygen mask before you apply your child’s when you are flying… which leads us to our first reason.


With health at the forefront of your mind as soon as the accident sinks in, it is amazing that we would let it change over time. Meaning that when we have passed an hour or two since the accident, the primary concern for our own health goes away…but should it? 

There are a number of health concerns that can hit you hours or even days after the accident. You might have a haemorrhage you don’t know about, a concussion, or worse. If you don’t get checked for these health problems, you really shouldn’t be driving or using heavy machinery. IT may be that you have traumatic injuries that need urgent attention. All of this soon adds up.


Next, you need to protect yourself as a matter of urgency. It may be that you will later require proof that you were injured, for which you will need a hospital report. It may be that a future lawsuit can be swayed by the fact that you came off worse. It might even be that there is something wrong with you as a result of the accident, that will cost you a fortune in medical bills. If the accident wasn’t your fault, you can see how a medical report from the time and date of the actual accident might help. Get in touch with your local injury attorney as quickly as possible to get guidance.


Another valid reason to have a check-up after an accident is the record keeping angle. In future, you will have a note of when you visited and for what. This might help you when it comes to purchasing health insurance or doing your tax return in future.

Don’t Risk It

You are already at a loss when you have had an accident. Not getting checked out is a big risk. Is it one you are willing to take?