Have you been considering archery for kids? As a mom, sports may seem more “common” than others, but archery has some real pros going for it that you may not have considered.

Archery for Kids: The Pros

Let’s take a look at some of the pros of considering archery for your kids. The biggest among them is fun, as this sport really is a great time for enthusiasts. It teaches patience, focus, and hand-eye coordination in a cooperative but competitive setting, often with multi-generational athletes.

Unlike sports that require highly developed physical motor skills, or perfect health/physical wellness to excel, archery is adaptable to nearly all skill and physical ability levels.

Adaptive Archery

From the Paralympics to national contests, archery can and has been adapted to nearly all levels of physical ability. There are even groups like Wounded Warriors that bring archery events to those who have been hurt serving our country.

This means that kids who may feel they are unable to participate in most sports can find their perfect match with a bow in their hands.  

Skill Building

Focus, self-control, hand-eye coordination, and patience are all skills we can say we want for our kids. Learning to eliminate distractions while regulating your breathing to hit a target may not seem like meditation, but for active children, adding these skills can’t help but improve their life.

Everything, from taking tests, to deciding between job opportunities later on can be impacted by self-confidence. Children thrive when given the opportunity to practice skills that will stick with them for life. Archery allows practicing some of the most basic life skills out there.


Getting our kids involved in sports isn’t just to keep them busy. Getting outside, moving, and using their bodies gets more and more difficult in a world seemingly completely fascinated with screens. 

Archery isn’t a high impact physical activity, like soccer or football. Even slight children and “unathletic” kids can find joy in their achievements without feeling they aren’t “good enough” physically to ever go anywhere in the sport. Not only does that build confidence, if it gets your kid moving, that’s what matters. 


Unlike some other sports we may try to bring our family together with, archery doesn’t encourage cliquish behaviors. An archer’s real rival is their last best attempt, so the competition is healthy and creates a desire to improve oneself. That’s priceless when it comes to skills you want your kids to learn.

Other skills, social skills, that are being lost in the digital age are also available to archers. Archery is one of the few sports that you don’t “get too old for” as it is highly adaptive, and people of all ages can and do enjoy it. Getting together with others who enjoy your favorite sport teaches social skills and turn-taking.

Year-Round Opportunities

Unlike the major sports that you may think of right away, archery doesn’t have a specific season. That means not spending every cold fall morning trying not to freeze your butt off as a football booster, because opportunities are spread out year-long. 

In a time when our kid’s schedules appear to have a life of their own and often give adult itineraries a run for their money, being able to plan events throughout the year instead of cramming them all into a few weeks a year is a real advantage.

What are the Cons? 

Unless you have a problem with the hunting applications of archery (which are not required for target shooting), the only drawback is cost. Keep in mind that you don’t have to buy all the pieces of equipment out there to get started with archery. A solid bow, a quiver of arrows, and a target can get you started.

Other than the cost of getting into the sport, there aren’t real drawbacks to getting your kids involved in archery.

Try Archery For Kids Today

You may be surprised to find archery clubs for kids, families, and adults near you, despite being in either rural or urban areas. Archery is fun for all age groups, a sport that can be done without an exorbitant budget, and one that anyone of any physical ability is likely to be able to do with adaptations. 

While you take a look around for archery groups to get your kids involved in today, you may even find yourself a new hobby as well.