As we all know Christmas is among the most anticipated holidays around the world, even just after a few days of this festive season we tend to plan for the next one hoping it will be better than the last. We can agree this is a special day that is awaited by many, from the old to the young. And when it is just around the corner, you can already feel the excitement in people’s heart.

The act of giving gifts is a traditional thing during the Christmas season, it is just a small way for you to show your gratitude to your loved ones, and the best way to do this is with Christmas hampers. As this has a collection of various items that come wrapped in beautiful paper that will surely impress them. It’s like giving them more than one gift at once, who would want that.

So how do you prepare the perfect Christmas gift hampers for your loved one? Below are a few pointers that will help.

How To Prepare the Perfect Gift Hamper?

As you start your search for the perfect gift hamper, you will notice there is a variety of options, which at times might make it a little overwhelming. But with the few pointers below you will be able to narrow down your search and pick the best hamper.

  • What Are Their Interests?

To have the perfect gift you need to get a better understanding of their interests, the products they like and their preference. If they are into wines, you could have two different types of Churches Shiraz wines with a few accompaniments, like Baylies gourmet crackers, some Wasabi peanuts, and dark chocolates, all these pair well for a wine lover.

  • What Activities Do They Like?

If your loved one is sporty and likes spending most of their time outdoors, then getting a sporting hamper is the best way to go. The assortment of items in the basket will surely impress them, and if they are foodies this is even better, as you can choose from several pastries, desserts, wine and chocolates. You just need to be aware of their dietary needs.

  • Are You Trying To Be A Little Romantic?

If you are trying to go on the romantic route for your special person, there are several items you can play around with. This is from there favourite flowers arranged elegantly, have a few pieces of chocolate and a card with a personal message. An excellent choice would be the chocolate Box Hamper as it has an assortment of chocolate treats they will enjoy. It is from salted caramel by Charlies traditional, to some dark chocolates by Zokoko, a premium gift tin of white chocolate and macadamia by Byron Bay cookie, and some fudge chocolates by Rich chocolate and Walnut. All this well presented in the stylish gourmet basket, that will go well with the flower arrangement.


Christmas hampers can easily be assembled for you as long as you have the theme and the interests of your loved ones. Baskets are a great gift as they are loaded with several small pieces that they will surely enjoy.