Being a mom is incredibly rewarding, but let’s face it- it can be down right exhausting as well. Days are often filled with a plethora of activities balanced alongside work and other responsibilities. Like most mothers, you probably have very few moments to yourself, and when you- relaxing is likely hard to do. 

If you struggle to actually relax and unwind when silence finally presents itself, it’s time to work on your mindset pertaining to stress-busting activities. Mothers often focus on the next task rather than their own health, which can affect the efficiency of responsibilities. Taking time for yourself is a must, and these tips are exactly what you need to enjoy what time you have. 

The Dangers of Stress

A continual amount of unreleased stress can lead to shortened memory, trouble sleeping, anxiety, or even worse long-lasting issues: such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. We are all attuned to dealing with an acceptable amount of day to day stress, but it can begin to wear on you over time. 

Ways to Relax for Mental and Physical Health

Whether you have a few hours, or a few moments to yourself, you can easily pick and choose from the following list to discover new ways to make the most of it. Stepping out of the role of being ‘the mom’, even momentarily, allows you to reset your thinking and recharge yourself. Perhaps the hardest mindset is to allow yourself to be in the moment, rather than think of what needs done next, but trust me- you will be so glad you did. 


Meditation is an excellent way to recenter yourself and find a balance with all the chaos (no matter how good) in your life. It also can be done in just a quick 5 minute session if this is all you have. Be sure to have a  quiet, comfortable spot, and clear your mind: allowing thoughts to be recognized but then passed on to keep from fixating on any one thing. 

Diffuse Essential Oils

Many essential oils have a calming, peaceful effect. They can also help with focus. This is a great technique to try on and off through the day to help you on a regular basis, and is an excellent addition to meditation, napping, or time to yourself. 

Start a New Hobby

If you like to do things, but want something that is just for you, try taking on a new hobby. Photography, crafting, researching, or even keeping fish are all ways to stimulate your brain and allow you to learn something new while focusing your energy on an enjoyable task- rather than a required one. Search for reputable sites to help stimulate your interests, such as Tankarium.

Go For a Hike

Search out a local nature trail and take yourself on a hike! This is also a great way to bring along your family, no matter what age they are, and break your day to day routine with some fresh air, sunshine, and much needed vitamin D. 

Create an Exercise Routine

If the idea of an exercise routine feels daunting, no you are not alone. But also know that getting into a routine doing any sort of purposeful movement, even if it is just going for a walk, is great for your physical and mental health- and also provides you an individual purpose that is separate from other responsibilities. Many people enjoy the solitude as well. 

Enjoy a Hot Drink

Fully enjoy that cup of coffee or tea whenever you love having it. Instead of trying to drink it on the run, find a quiet area to sip and enjoy, read, or catch up on social connections. 


REading stimulates the brain, makes meaningful connections for problem solving, and even reduces tension, stress, and even blood pressure! If you once loved to read, but stopped due to your daily activities pertaining to family, you need to find time. It also serves as an excellent example to your children. 

Just Sit, or Take a Short Nap

DOn’t feel like you have to fill any free time you have with something else that keeps you busy. Any suggestion is to help you find ways to enjoy your time just for you. But if you want to just sit, or even nap, by all means do so. In fact, short 20 minute naps are actually suggested as a way to help recharge and reset yourself to energize your way through the rest of the day. 

Take a Warm Bath

Take a warm bath or shower and let your stress melt away. Too hot, and you might not find it very enjoyable for too long. It also helps bring blood vessels closer to the skin surface and cool your interior- which preps you for sleep.