The way you furnish and decorate your home communicates a lot about you. When you learn how to furnish a house and put your personal touch on it, you’ll be able to make yourself feel more at home—even if you’re in a new city.

Moving can be challenging, and getting used to a new house can take a while, but the right furniture can make a big difference. Continue reading this article for tips for furnishing a house.

Don’t Go Out and Have a Buying Frenzy

If you’re just moving into a home, you don’t really know how you’re going to use it. Wait for a month or two and see how you actually live in the home. Once you know how you live in the home, you can buy the things you’re going to use the most.

Even if you’ve had your home for a while, it’s smart to buy things slowly since it will allow you to see how your new furniture works where you place it. You might find out that you want a big oversized chair instead of a loveseat to go with your new couch once you buy it.

You never know until you try it out, and you don’t want to get stuck with a bunch of expensive furniture that doesn’t really work the way you want it to.

Start With the Essential Rooms

If you have a house with a bunch of different rooms, you should start with the rooms you use the most first. For most people, the two rooms that are most important and need furniture right away are the bedroom and the living room.

No one wants to sit on the floor in the living room, and without proper furniture in your bedroom, you feel more like a squatter vs. someone that is cozy in their home.

The only things you really need for your bedroom when you’re getting started is a good bed frame and a comfortable mattress. These are the things you want to spend the most money on because they will make the biggest difference in the room.

Once you have these things and know you love them, then you can add other things like rugs, dressers, and nightstands.

In the living room, you need to find a good couch that is comfortable and functional and then build the rest of the room around it. We will address how to add more to your room and build on the couch buy in the next section.

Matching Isn’t a Must

When you head out to buy your furniture, you’re going to see matching everything. While matching might look good for some areas, you don’t want to match your whole home.

Matching everything makes your home look boring, and like you just ripped a page out of a magazine and said—just put that in my house.

If you want to make your house feel homey, look for residential luxury furniture that reflects your personality. A few bright colored pieces amidst your otherwise quiet-looking furnishings will really do the trick.

Another reason you shouldn’t buy all the matching furniture is that you might overcrowd your space. If you try to buy all of the furniture in a set, but your space is rather small, you’ll barely have any floor space to walk.

Use Color to Bring the Room Together

If you took our advice and aren’t going matchy-matchy, you may find that it is a little challenging to bring the room together.

The easiest way to bring a room together with color is to get rugs, curtains or accessories that will make the room of furniture look like it goes together. If you’re feeling really ambitious, you could paint the walls and bring everything together that way.

How Much Can You Expect to Pay for Furnishing a Home & Painting?

If you’re getting worried about the money you’re going to put out to furnish your home—here are some numbers to give you an idea of what you’re going to need to shell out for the essentials.

Home Painting

Many times, you will move into a new house, and the paint is just terrible. The previous owners did not care that the new owner wouldn’t like a blood-red wall in their dining room and left it there for listing.

Depending on the size of your space, you can expect to pay anywhere from $500-$1,000.

The reason we put painting here at the top is because you don’t want to have to do a lot of painting after you have your furniture in place. Get it taken care of first, and it will make your life so much easier.

Buying a Bed & Mattress

Your bed and mattress should be something you’re willing to spend money on. We spend a great deal of our time in our beds, and making sure they are comfortable and appealing is important.

If you’re looking for a starter bed, you can find inexpensive ones for around $200. If you’re interested in buying something that is more on the luxury side of things, you might need to pay around $2,000—or even more.

Living Room Furniture

When you want to get a high-quality couch, that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. You can find some couches on sale for as little as $200-$300. On the other hand, if you’re looking for your end-all-be-all couch, you might drop $3,000 or even more on a new couch.

How to Furnish a House – Now You Know

Now you know how to furnish a house, and you can start buying pieces of furniture that make you feel at home. Use the above tips to create a warm, homey environment, and your house will begin feeling like a home.

Do you want to learn more about decorating your home, DIY projects, and more? Continue reading our blog for more.