Moving is one of life’s big stresses. Before you unpack the boxes, there are some considerations to make life simpler and less stressful. Belongings are easier to move around before they’re unpacked. One of the worst things is to discover the carpet needs to be pulled up in the room just unpacked.

Residential Electric Safety

If the electrics weren’t checked before moving in, this needs to be done now. A full report takes 3-4 hours with the electricity off. Lights and the light switches need to be tested, as do the plugs, among other areas. If any faults are discovered, they can be repaired or replaced without damaging the new wallpaper. The visual part of the inspection covers wear and tear and signs of burning, which an untrained person may not be able to see. If you don’t want the electrics off and the circuits checked, Hexo Services offer a Residential Pre-Purchase Visual Inspection that takes between 1-2 hours. 


Pick one room to live out of while the other rooms are decorated. You may need to switch halfway through the refurbishing, depending on if you want all the painting done in one day and if you’re putting down the carpet yourself or have someone coming in.

Choose one room for the modem and TV. Try to book installation for the decorating week. 


Before the boxes are unpacked and after any damage to the electricity is repaired, paint. Ceilings first to avoid drips on freshly painted or papered walls. Skirting boards next. Walls last. If using a combination of paint and wallpaper, paint first and wallpaper second. 


With belongings still packed away, it is easier to move everything from room-to-room. Once the walls and skirting boards are dry, flooring can be laid down or cleaned. 

One Last Room

If you’ve saved the room being lived out of for last, it is best to start moving boxes out now and decorate it before the paints go away. 

Assembly and Cleaning

Assemble and set up any furniture that requires it. Do it in the room where the piece of furniture is going in and not in one room. It is easier to move around pre-assembled. 

Hang pictures and light shades. Hanging pictures often creates a lot of dust. It is easier to sweep or vacuum it rather than having to move belongings or dust belongings. Hard to reach lights can have a shade safely fitted now as well without moving anything around. 

Move boxes into the appropriate rooms. Don’t unpack them yet. Moving creates a lot of dust and debris. Clean this up before unpacking the boxes, while belongings are still easier to move around. 


It is tempting to leave the decorating and safety checks for later and settle into your new home right away. It is easier to maintain the house and less stress, in the long run, to have everything sorted out first, even if it means sleeping on a mattress on the floor for a few days.