For years I had heard about the rose garden in Schenectady’s Central Park.  It was nice to check it out at just the right time of the year, with so many roses in bloom!

You can find more info about the rose garden at

Schenectady’s Central Park is easy to find.  It is also fairly large, so you want to be strategic as far as parking.  You can find the Rose Garden on Google Maps.  It is at the intersection of Wright Ave and Central parkway, and we have never had trouble finding parking.

If parking isn’t available next to the rose gardens, you can park just up the road by the tennis courts or gardens and walk over.

I was surprised how many roses there are in the garden, and that it isn’t just paths among roses.

There are some other features, like a pond and seating areas, that really make this an experience.

It was nice to find some spots along the gardens and ponds to sit and enjoy the scenery.

There are lots of roses here, as far as type and color.  The Schenectady Rose Garden website has more about the roses and their varieties (

The roses are amazing here, and you can tell how much work was put into the garden.

The garden is a great place to explore, and you can check out other parts of the park as well during your visit.

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