Located near the cities of Orlando and Kissimmee, Walt Disney World is an entertainment complex that first opened its doors to the public in 1971. It includes four separate theme parks which are the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. A favorite not only with kids but with people of all ages, the resort closed its doors due to the Covid-19 pandemic and has a planned phased reopening that will begin on July 11, 2020. 

What will visiting Disney World look like after the reopening?

With its characteristic desire to make every visit to the park a memorable one, Disney World has found ways to keep the experience as magical as possible, even while following protocols to keep visitors safe.

Observing CDC Guidelines

Everyone will have their temperature checked upon arrival, masks and social distancing will be a requirement. And if you did not plan on bringing your own mask, one with a Disney character printed on it will be available for purchase. Following CDC guidelines, any event that draws huge crowds, such as the nighttime spectaculars and daily parades will not be happening.

Using Mobile Technology for a Contactless Experience

Disney’s app allows for online check-in at hotels and even to open your room’s door. Your phone will also work for you when you scan a code at restaurants to view the menu or for contactless purchases.

Smaller Crowds

The ongoing pandemic will still serve as a deterrent for people to visit, and if you do plan to go, attendance will be limited as per CDC guidelines. This also implies not being able to meet Disney’s favorite characters since they will not be around.

What is the best time of the year to go to Disney World?

After you have been saving for the trip and preparing your family for all the excitement that awaits. You want to make sure you make the most of your visit. Selecting the best time to go is the key to achieving this.

Go in The Fall

Not only will the weather be friendlier to spending the whole day outdoors, when children are back in school the crowds will definitely be much easier to handle.

Plan your Visit Between Thanksgiving and Christmas

If your kids can miss a couple of days of school, going between these holidays will allow you to enjoy the park. And you will enjoy it even more if you can go during the week and avoid the weekends.

January to Mid-May Also Works

For the same reasons as above, this time period works quite well. And if you are flying down from colder climates, you will appreciate every day of your trip even more.

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