I believe you have heard a lot about Cannabidiol and the various products made from this marvelous compound. It seems that the substance has finally found it place under the sun and people are no longer doubting its effectiveness and its “good intentions”. While it’s not uncommon for certain individuals to still be wary of anything made from cannabis, nobody can deny the positive effects of Cannabidiol. This useful source gives a thorough explanation of the compound, in case you still need some more info.

Did you know that there are now products made from cannabis, and specifically from Cannabidiol, which you can apply on your skin rather than ingest? Simply put, there are CBD creams, ointments, salves, balms, you name it. If you have heard about these already, have you ever actually wondered what their purpose is? What is it that these products are good for and what is it that they can treat?

When any topical product is in question, your first thought will probably be that it is good for your skin. That thought is definitely correct when it comes to CBD salve, but that’s not the only thing that it is good for. Plus, simply saying “good for your skin” means absolutely nothing. We need to see what it can treat specifically. Let’s get started.


How many teenagers out there are suffering from acne right now? If you are a bit older than that, just try to think back to that period of your life and remember your face, as well the face of your peers. If you were the lucky one, you never had these issues, but a large percentage of teenagers did and still do. It appears that no treatment can help with this annoying condition.

Read this to learn a bit more about the condition, because learning is the first step towards finding a solution: https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/107146

If you are among those who believe that there is nothing at all that can help with acne, then you are definitely wrong and you haven’t tried CBD salve yet. This is not one of those cheesy commercials for certain creams and I am not saying that you should expect a miracle from this product. What I am saying, though, is that Cannabidiol has calming and anti-inflammatory properties which can help you deal with this condition in a more successful way. It might not get rid of acne altogether, but you will definitely see an improvement.


Here’s another skin issue that people often struggle with. This one affects everyone, regardless of their age. It has rather unpleasant accompanying symptoms, such as itching and even pain. It’s like those spots on your skin weren’t enough, but they also have to be painful and cause you to scratch yourself like a mad man.

CBD salve works amazingly here, since it can relieve the itching and the pain in the first place. Its soothing effects are enough to literally calm your skin down and reduce both the pain and the inflammation. This means less scratching. In addition to that, this product can help treat the eczema itself and you might eventually see it disappear.


If you have been paying attention, then you must have noticed when I said that CBD salve is good for more than your skin. I’ve already mentioned how it can soothe the pain that arises from some skin irritations, but that’s not the only type of pain that this product can treat. Allow me to elaborate.

A large percentage of the pain you feel might be coming from your muscles and your joints. Don’t even get me started on back pain. By penetrating your skin, CBD salve can reach all those targeted pain points and make you more agile and less sore and stiff. This is why athletes love it and you can read the full post here about why people practicing sports use this product.


Wrinkles are no longer the trouble of only those people who reach a certain age. Young people have also started struggling with these. Once again, I am not saying that CBD salve can remove them completely, but it can make them significantly less visible by stimulating oil production in your skin and treating its dryness.