You’re a little bit country. But you’re also a little bit rock n roll. You like your good old fashioned home cooked cuisine just like momma used to make. But you also love trying new cuisines from all over the world. You respect and admire the past. But you embrace the future with eager anticipation. In a world that tries to keep us in boxes of classification, your eclectic tastes can be hard to incorporate into your interior design aesthetic. We’re encouraged to think (and shop) in binary terms, which can be tricky when you love both elements of traditional and contemporary interior design. However, there are lots of ways in which you can marry these two seemingly disparate styles into a unified aesthetic. 

Here are some ways in which you can mix the old and the new in your home decor…

Keep it natural

Creating the balance to marry traditional and contemporary design elements is easier when you have a unification between the two. Even though the shape, size, style and colors of different design elements might create contrast, you can create unity by choosing natural materials like wood, stone and cotton etc. and eschewing plastics and synthetic materials. 

Not only can this tie your aesthetic together, it can bring the outside in and make your home a more relaxing and pleasant space. And never underestimate the power of some well placed house plants to tie your home’s look together. 

Don’t be afraid to juxtapose

As much as you may want to create an aesthetic that looks consistent, don’t be afraid to lean into contrasts. This is where you can give your decor some of its strongest statement pieces. Think antique wall art hanging above the crisp, clean lines of a modern side table or sofa. Think abstract expressionistic contemporary art occupying the same wall as moody black and white photos or traditional oil paintings. 

Juxtaposition can add a sense of fun and intrigue to your interior design concept.

Work from a base and add flourishes

Not sure where to start? Your best bet is to establish a base with which your happy. Consider the colors of your walls, the texture of your floors and the tone of your fixtures. You can be as bold or as neutral as you like. This will be the base on which you expand with flourishes which will create the character of your aesthetic. You might choose something that mixes traditional and contemporary elements like this modern farmhouse wall decor, or you might choose items that lean more strongly one way or the other. There are no wrong answers. It’s all about creating the right balance for you.

Remember- contemporary doesn’t have to mean minimalism

Finally, when we hear “contemporary” our imaginations usually conjure something that is inherently minimalist- lots of clean lines, neutral colors and use of empty space. But if this isn’t your jam, don’t be afraid to insert the clean and rigid shapes of contemporary design into a more homely farmhouse style decor. Again, contrasts can be a good thing!