Everyone loves to travel, right? What better way is there to make lifelong friends, see beautiful places, and broaden your horizons? 

Traveling is great, but if you’re new to it, then it can be a bit scary. After all, you’re in a strange place far away from home, and you’re stuck there until it’s time to get on a plane and go home.

However, traveling doesn’t have to be scary at all! With the right knowledge, you’ll feel confident planning your next trip, even if it’s your first time.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of top tips for first-time travelers.

  • Be aware of yourself when in public

This goes beyond simple good behavior – you need to keep aware of what’s going on around you. Pickpockets love to target unsuspecting tourists, so stay observant at all times. 

Don’t walk around with large amounts of cash or expensive items on your person. Be aware of people around you, especially if you’re in a large crowd filled with people.

Don’t leave your possessions and move off somewhere, even just temporarily. Take them with you at all times, if possible. 

Blend in with your clothing choices as well. Nothing screams tourist more than an outfit that looks totally out of place with the locals. Rather wear something unassuming. 

  • Do some research

It goes without saying that before you travel anywhere, you need to know exactly what you’re getting into. Is the country a warzone? Is it considered safe for solo travelers? Does it have worthwhile locations or monuments you want to check out? 

You need to take all of these factors into consideration.

However, keep in mind that statistics are often taken out of context, and in some situations can misrepresent a country. 

For example, Cape Town may have less than ideal scores when it comes to things like crime and safety rates, but when you remember that those stats take into account more than just the city – they also include outlying rural areas, as well as areas that might be prone to gang activity, for example. Crime rates within those pockets are going to be different outside of them.

So look at stats with a grain of salt. Reading reviews from other tourists that have already visited Cape Town will give you a better idea of whether Cape Town is safe than high-level statistics. And the same applies to any country. 

  • Get travel insurance

Travel insurance is just like other types of insurance – it protects you from financial risks (while traveling). You’ll need to look at the various plans that are available to you in order to choose the one single one that works the best for your requirements.

While travel insurance won’t cover every possible thing that could go wrong, it’s a great start! If you have a medical emergency in a foreign country, if your suitcase goes missing or if you even need to cancel a trip last minute, then travel insurance will certainly help!

Hopefully, these tips will put your mind a little more at ease, and you’re feeling ready to go out there and explore the world!