Any dog can bring you a great deal of joy in your life and make you feel happier and have more energy each day. While owning a dog is always a pleasure it can also come with unpleasant tasks, like picking up dog poop. 

No one wants to pick up dog poop; however, it is a task that we all must do. Fortunately, there are many ways that you can make your dog’s poop easier to pick up after.

One of the best ways to clean up after your dog is to ensure that their poop is solid and as small as possible. To ensure that your dog has a healthy digestive tract you should watch the food you feed them. Some food is better than others because your dog’s body is able to use the food protein and not simply dispose of it through waste. 

According to Scout Knows, the best result can come from switching your dog’s food to a more natural ingredient mix which will help them have less digestive issues, fewer allergies, and even less poop.

While every dog poops, most owners do not understand how to properly dispose of their waste. Doggie poop bags are the best and most efficient way to pick up after your dog. 

They are made of plastic and this prevents any bacteria or leakage of poop from getting on your hands or anywhere outside of the bag. If doggie poop bags are not properly used they can cause a spread of various diseases, such as hookworm, tapeworm, roundworm, E.coli., campylobacter, and salmonella. 

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How To Use Them The Right Way

To prevent those diseases from spreading it is crucial that all dog owners understand how to properly use doggie poop bags.

Step 1: Turn Bag Inside Out

The first thing you need to do is to turn the bag inside out and place your hand inside of the bag. This will ensure that the bag acts like a glove and prevents any of the poop from getting on your skin.

Step 2: Pick Up Poop

When wearing the bag over your hand you can safely pick up the dog poop. You should try and get all of the poop in one scoop. To do this try to get your fingers completely under the pile of poop and grasp it firmly. 

Once you have the poop in your hand turn the bag inside out using your other hand that was not in the bag. Touch only the top of the bag that did not come into contact with the poop.

Step 3: Tie The Bag

You should always tie up the bag once you have both hands free. Tying up the bag will ensure that no poop is able to escape when you dispose of the bag. Using a double knot to tie up the bag will provide added security and help reduce the spread of diseases.

Step 4: Disposal

Once you have the bag securely tied up you need to dispose of the bag in a trash can. You should never dispose of poop in a trash can that is not yours or one that is located in public. For instance, if you are walking your dog in a neighborhood you cannot use a neighbor’s trash can. 

You need to carry the poop bag until you reach your home or another public trash can. 

Additional Tips and Tricks

Know The Importance of Doing it Right

While it is simple to clean up after your dog and their poop many people do not completely understand the importance of using doggie poop bags or how to use them correctly. Many public parks and public locations even have doggie poop bags that you can use to clean up after your pet, even if you forget to bring a bag with you. And be sure to firmly hold onto your dog’s leash while cleaning up without keeping it too tight and risk annoying them.

Bring Extra Bags

Since you never know how much your dog is going to poop you should always bring several bags with you. Using a bag holder that attaches to your leash is often a great way to remember bags and to ensure that you have enough bags every time you walk your dog. 

If you do not have doggie poop bags available you can always use grocery bags, however, this is not the ideal case. Grocery bags often get small tears and holes in them and this can cause diseases to spread. Doggie poop bags are the best way to prevent diseases from spreading.

Pay Attention to the Mess

When cleaning up after your dog you should always remember to look at the poop. Looking at your dog’s poop can give you a clue about how their diet is and how they are reacting to the food that you feed them. 

If you notice that your dog has any parasites in their poop, like hookworm or roundworm, you should immediately call the veterinarian and possibly even collect a stool sample if needed.

If you notice that your dog seems constipated or has diarrhea you should look closely into the things that they may have eaten that day or the day before. If you remember feeding them anything out of the ordinary you should try to avoid the food to prevent your dog from getting an upset stomach. Also, consider if they might be having a negative reaction to their flea collar, especially if you bought a more potent option for your pup’s size.

Another thing that you should always take note of is how much your dog actually poops. A normal dog may poop a couple of times a day. If you think that your dog is pooping too much at once or too often you should also contact a veterinarian. 

A simple switch in the food that you feed your dog may help this. Feeding your pooch high-quality dog food is essential if you want to have clean and solid poop to pick up.


There is nothing worse than someone else stepping in your dog’s poop so remember to pick up after them. Not picking up after your dog can cause you to receive a fine or even get banned from local parks and public places. 

It is very easy to pick up after your dog so it is crucial that everyone does it the right way. Doggie poop bags are cheap and easy to use. They are also very effective in safely and cleanly picking up dog poop.