Congratulations on finding out that you’re expecting a new baby! Chances are that you’re excited and nervous all at once about everything that will soon come to light. The truth is that there is validity to feeling a mix of both of these emotions. 

There is plenty to be excited about, and truthfully, plenty to be nervous about too! However, you can minimize your stress and nerves by taking as many precautions as necessary and being prepared! 

So, take a deep breath, smile, and make sure that you do these things before your big day comes. 

Find a Great Doctor  

You’ll need to make sure that you and your baby are in good hands with the right doctor. The last thing that you want is to worry about finding yourself with a doctor who could put you in danger or make fatal mistakes when you’re in labor.   

Book an appointment with a GP who comes highly recommended and who you feel comfortable with. They’ll be able to explain how the process works and whether there are any special recommendations they have for you based on your current state of health. 

They’ll give you a list of what foods you should be eating more or less of, and what kind of prenatal vitamins you should start taking. 

Enjoy Your Friends 

When your baby arrives, you’ll be busy taking care of them for the first few months of their life. It can be challenging to find time to spend with your friends outside of your family life. It’s important to use the time leading up to having your baby to spend quality time with your besties. 

Whether it’s taking a dance class together or planing a movie night once a week, make the most out of your social life for now because chances are you’ll miss it once the baby arrives. 

Get Maternity Clothes  

Don’t make the mistake of making yourself miserable, trying to squeeze into your non-pregnancy attire. Your belly is only going to get bigger, and it doesn’t magically shrink back into place after you give birth, either. 

Do yourself a favor and buy yourself some comfortable and stretchy pants with plenty of room for your belly to expand in.

Don’t be shy about dropping some money on clothing that will make you feel attractive in. Many women struggle with feeling sexy as their body changes, so don’t be afraid to give yourself all the help you can get.   

You deserve to feel like you are comfortable in the skin that you’re in! 


Soon you’ll be missing the days that you could sleep in as late as you wanted without a care in the world. Once you have a baby, that will be a thing of the past! Get those z’s in now! 

Once you have a baby, that will be a thing of the past! Get those z’s in now! Implementing a healthy sleeping schedule can be of real benefit for expectant mothers, as you need more rest than usual to keep your babe safe and well. Having several sleepless nights can lead to fatigue, lack of appetite and many other issues that can have a negative impact on your unborn child, so aim for a minimum of 8 hours per night to feel refreshed and revitalized. It’s a good idea to invest in a few extra soft pillows to aid your sleep during pregnancy, especially when you reach the 7 month period and begin showing heavily, as you can support your stomach with the pillows to lay down more comfortably. 

Many new parents like to wait until after the birthing process to name their baby, but you may wish to choose a few options beforehand to make it a little easier! Whether you wish to honour a friend or family member or come up with a totally new and unique name, jot down several different options and run through them with your partner to see which ones they like the best – you don’t want to upset them by making a decision on your own. Middle names are becoming more popular too, and this can ensure your child’s name is as individual as they are! 

The excitement and joy that fill the days leading up to the birth of your child should be treasured, so be sure to utilize the ideas detailed above to get yourself ready for the changes that lie ahead. Welcoming a baby into the world will change your life as you know it, so prepping for the arrival of your child will make your new chapter far easier to handle.