This May 1, Sara Lovell is out with her third children’s album, “Night Life”.  This dreamy album has nighttime theme, with songs about going to bed and drifting off to sleep.  With two critically acclaimed prior albums, Lovell brings us more lovely music that can be enjoyed by the whole family.  Before even being released, “Night Life” won a coveted Parents Choice® Gold Award, and “I Don’t Sleep in a Bed” is an international Music Awards nominee!

I love the variety of this album, from songs that have a peppy vibe, to others that really capture the feeling of drifting off to sleep after a long day.  Both her voice and lyrics come together to paint a dreamy nighttime picture.  The songs are sometimes lyrical and humorous, and other times, more serious and certainly relatable.

My favorite track on this album is “Sleepwalkers”, a wonderful song with peaceful lyrics.  Lovell has such a beautiful voice, and her style comes so naturally.  Night Life is great to listen to as you wind down with your children, or you simply want to enjoy some quality time together.

Track listing:

1. I Don’t Want To Go To Bed
2. Nightlife
3. Leave the Monkey
4. Rocket
5. Sleepwalkers
6. Scooter and Skeeter
7. I Don’t Need to Sleep in a Bed
8. Little Bug
9. Bed Oh Bed
10. Wear Yourself Out
11. Rock-a-Bye My Baby
12. How the Jungle Sleeps
13. Lullaby for Grownups

Check out “Wild is Everywhere” from Lovell’s previous album:


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