Do you want to transform the look of your kitchen, and stick to budget? 

Updating the look of your kitchen with a fresh coat of paint on the cabinets can make the world of difference and is very cost-effective compared to buying brand new kitchen! Your kitchen may look a bit tired – but with a little time, effort and creativity it could be transformed into something fresh and exciting.

Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to update and create a new kitchen look is by painting the cabinets. While it involves a lot work, painting your kitchen cabinets is very economical and does not require many skills.  However, with the right research, you can find the right tools for the job to make painting easier, such as the best handheld paint sprayer for cabinets.

A few gallons of paint, cleaner, and sandpaper can already change the appeal of your kitchen. If your cabinets have melamine and laminate finishes, make sure to rough the surface up using 160-grit sandpaper. Check the how to paint kitchen cupboards guide for more information on paint projects like this. Good preparation is the key to successful projects. 

How to Upgrade Your Kitchen Cabinets with Paint

Updating your kitchen should not be a daunting task; it should be fun. To add more excitement to your kitchen project, make your family part of it. That way, you can have an incredible bonding experience while transforming the kitchen decor. 

If you have a small kitchen, painting your cabinets with lighter colors can make it seem bigger. Do not forget to sand each coat of paint. By doing so, the final coat will look perfect.

Make sure to lay doors flat when painting. Before painting the other side, ensure that each side is completely dry. It might take you more time to finish, but at least you will be free from ugly drip marks.

Popular Kitchen Cabinet Paint Ideas 

In painting your cabinets, you can let your creativity flow. The more personal touch, the better to achieve your desired look. As always take care when choosing the right paint, you need to find the best paint for kitchen cupboards that suits your style and personality.

But, to give you some ideas of the popular kitchen cabinet paint ideas…

Add a Pop of Color 

When it comes to painting the cabinet interiors, you can go for a modern touch. Adding a pop of color to your plain kitchen cabinets will deliver a striking look. For example, you can pick chartreuse green along with yellow undertones for your warm white cabinets. Then, expect for an eye-catching look yet well-blended.

Choose Contrasting Colors to Create Drama

Do you wish to create drama within the corners of your kitchen? Then, you can use contrasting colors to achieve that drama as well as bring your cabinets to the next level. For your lower cabinets, you can take advantage of creamy taupe. As for the upper cabinets, simply stick with warm white. The contrasting colors will then keep your kitchen look airy.

Paint An Image 

As mentioned, painting allows you to showcase your artistry. And, one way of doing it is by painting an image. Try to give you wooden cabinetry a new look by painting an image on the center panel of some of the doors. You can use tape to create a pattern. After the new finish is completely dry, ensure to seal those panels with clear water-based polyurethane.

Chalk It Up!

Do you want to add fun and function to your kitchen? Well, chalkboard paint will help you with that. You can update the cabinets’ ends of a bank with chalkboard paint. From blank space, you can have a fun, creative chalkboard. 

Trendy Custom Shades

Painting vinyl roller shade will add custom color to your kitchen. Patterns like this on your cabinets are easy to create. 

You will need a painter’s tape to be used in marking off the spaced stripes evenly. Next is to roll on acrylic crafts or semigloss latex paint with the 4-inch roller. After that, peel off the tape to reveal the white stripes. You can try gray stripes and white stripes to blend with the warm white walls. Then, yellow-green colors on the table will add a fashion-forward accent.

Does your kitchen have a color scheme that includes three colors? Then, repeating all of them on your cabinets will effectively reinforce the scheme. You can also try using one color with white so that the hue will have greater emphasis in the kitchen. 

Combine Cool Color and Stencils 

You can change the whole atmosphere of your kitchen by painting the wooden cabinets with cool colors and stencils. Test the color first on a large foam-core board first. Place the board on the cabinet to see how the color works with the floor. You also need to know whether the color affects the sense of space in your kitchen.

For instance, you can add a dark navy to make your kitchen feel smaller, yet it adds interest to the room without constricting the space. 

Make sure to prepare the cabinet by using a household cleaner and rough the surface up with 150-grit sandpaper. Apply a quality primer for a stenciled cabinet. You can use standard latex paint for the stencil design and background color. 

You can protect the treatment by applying several coats of clear polyurethane. To keep the painted finish in good shape, make sure to reapply polyurethane yearly.

More Kitchen Upgrade Tips!

If your cabinets are a bit old in terms of color or style, then it can be good idea just to replace the doors in a case that the framework is still in good condition and functional. You can find several companies specializing in the kitchen cabinet replacement door. 

When painting, always look for rich but calming shade. That way, you can attain a relaxing atmosphere in your kitchen. Avoid anything that offers extremeness. Remember that your kitchen has a lot of activity going on

For finishing touches, you can add soft furnishings, artwork, and shelving displays. They will not only make open-plan schemes warm but also inviting. Not only that, but they are also quite easy to update and replace. 

Happy painting!