Amid the coronavirus, almost 95% of Americans are under orders to stay at home. If you’re one of them, you’re probably wondering, “when will life go back to normal?”.

Sadly, no one really knows when things will go back to the way they were. However, that doesn’t mean you have to wait to restore a sense of normalcy in your life. 

Are you dying to get a haircut, but don’t want to wait? Now, you don’t have to! If you’re thinking about giving yourself a haircut but aren’t sure how we can help.

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Read on to learn how to cut your own hair, the right way.

Tools You Need to Cut Your Hair

As you get ready to learn how to cut your own hair, you’ll first need to gather the right tools. Here’s a shortlist of haircutting tools for women and men:

  • Shears or Clippers
  • Section clips
  • Cutting comb
  • Cutting cape
  • Disinfectant
  • Spray bottle

If you were thinking of cutting your hair with a pair of kitchen scissors, think again. Kitchen scissors are awkward to handle while cutting your hair. Using thinning shears, on the other hand, allows your wrist to move freely.

Choose a Hairstyle

Before you start cutting your hair, you’ll first want to know what your preferred hairstyle looks like. If you’re not sure what hairstyle you want, that’s perfectly fine too! Take a look at some of these trendiest haircuts, to help inspire you.

Please keep in mind that complicated hairstyles may be difficult for you to cut the first time. Professional hairdressers have in-depth knowledge, and skills, when it comes to cutting hair. If you want to get a more complex hairstyle, consider trimming your hair now, and waiting to see a professional.

Learning how to trim hair, is similar to learning how to style it. However, you’ll have fewer cuts to make, and the process if much easier. If you ever feel like you’ve been cutting too much, maybe consider the use of microneedling for healthy hair regrowth.

Whether you decide to move forward with a full haircut or trim, you’ll need to prepare your hair and space.

Prepare Your Hair and Space

Now, you’re ready to start preparing your hair, and space, to begin the cutting and styling process. Go ahead and grab all of your tools, and start getting set up in your bathroom.

Double Mirror Setup

We find it’s easiest if you use your bathroom mirror as the large mirror. Next, you can use a small handheld mirror to see the back of your head. Make sure both mirrors are super clean, to make it easier to size up how you’re hair’s looking.

Clean and Brush Your Hair

Clean your hair so there won’t be any hair products in it. Next, brush through your hair, freeing it of any tangles or knots.

Choose to Cut Wet or Dry

You have to choose between cutting your hair wet, or dry. If you have curly hair, cutting it while dry can be easier. You’ll be able to see your curl patterns, helping you make the best cuts possible.

However, if you’re hair is naturally straight, cutting it while wet can make the hair easier to handle.

How to Cut Your Own Hair Successfully

If you do wind up doing things on your own, now you know the basics of how to cut your own hair successfully! What new tips about cutting hair were you able to learn today?

Did you realize there are more tools for cutting hair than you thought before? Or perhaps you were able to learn about the difference of cutting your hair wet versus dry.

We love helping our readers find the best tips and tricks to look and feel their best. For more insightful articles, check out the rest of this site today.