Most of us spend our whole lives striving to build a home that can provide warmth and comfort to our families. But, there also exist other creatures like pests who are also looking to derive the same warmth from our havens, and no matter how many tips you employ to protect your home from pests, they are still able to sneak through the defenses of your fortress.


There are various types of pests, but none of them are as troublesome and finicky as bed bugs because they can wreak havoc on your life and home in no time. Therefore, we have discussed here six practical ways to exterminate bed bugs from your home so that you can eliminate them promptly.  

  1.     Look for the signs of bed bugs:

To prevent bed bugs from spreading in the home, you must be cautious of their signs, and their first signs can often be seen in your bedding. Therefore, keep checking your bed every other day for rust-colored stains or period sized dots. Moreover, their decomposing bodies and feces around your bedding may also emanate a strong stench, which can be another telling sign of their presence. If you notice any of the signs mentioned above, act decisively and call professionals like Responsible Pest services to get rid of bed bugs.

  1.     Vacuum thoroughly:

Do not assume that if you have found the traces of bed bugs in your bed, then their reach would be limited to that room. You need to realize that bed bugs are great travelers, and they get high on infesting as much property as possible. Therefore, apart from vacuuming your bedroom, take the vacuum cleaner to every nook, cranny, and crevice of your home where bed bugs can sneak through.

  1.     Seal the infested items:

Once you have identified the presence of bed bugs in your home, the first thing you must do is contain the spread. Therefore, seal the potentially infested items like beddings, mattresses, and other similar possessions in plastic bags so that the little buggers cannot escape.

  1.     Wash the infested items in the hot water cycle:

Put all the washables like bedding, linen, curtains, and pillow covers, etc. in the washing machine and crank the temperature up to the highest setting because bed bugs cannot withstand high temperatures. Moreover, you can take non-washable items like furniture out in the sunlight and let them bake in high heat so that bed bugs can be exterminated.

  1.     Use natural remedies:

Natural remedies like diatomaceous earth (DE) have been found to be incredibly useful in exterminating bed bugs. Therefore, before resorting to synthetic sprays and bug bombs, sprinkle DE on the infested areas of your home and let it do its work. DE is composed of sharp crystals that have the potential to shred the shells of bed bugs and kill them instantly.

  1.     Discard heavily infested items:

Once you have treated some things in multiple cycles, all of the bed bugs must be removed, and if there remain signs of infestation, it would be a good idea to discard such items for good. It may cost you some bucks, but think of the bigger picture as this timely spent money can save you a lot of moolah in the long run.

In a nutshell, bed bugs are one of the most dangerous kinds of pests as they can ruin the peace of your mind and your property in no time; therefore, they must be eliminated holistically.