I have been blogging for over 10 years now, and there are so many things you can do to maximize your blog’s potential.  One of the things that can be overlooked is making sure that all of your social media profiles are filled out thoroughly and up to date.  This is a good project to do periodically to make sure that everything is current and complete.  Here are a few tips for the things you want to make sure you have on your social media profiles.

Profile picture and logo:

Make sure that you have a current, relevant profile photo and/or logo.  Try to use a photo of yourself or something that has to do with your blog or website, to help people connect with you and your mission.  While it is nice to be consistent, try to update your photo every so often.  It can be obvious when you use a photo that is 20 years old, and people want to be able to connect with you as a blogger.

Apps like Facebook and Twitter allow you to have a profile photo and a cover photo, which is a great way to use both.

Contact email:

This is SO IMPORTANT!  Make it easy for people to contact you via an email address.

While people can usually DM you through a social media app, it is good to have an email available.


This is an absolute must!  List your website, and make sure that it is easy for someone who visits your profile to access your blog!

This is especially important for apps like Instagram, where you can’t post a clickable link.  Here is where you put the link in your bio (and in your posts, you can reference that there is a “link in bio”).

Your bio:

Make sure you have the bio filled out, to tell people what your blog is about.  For example, talk about how you are a food blogger or mom blogger, how you love beauty products or healthy living.  Keep it updated!  I remember checking one of my old profiles and noticing it was completely out of date.


Even if you remember going through your profiles in the past, go through them again!  This is something that I do periodically, to make sure everything looks good and is up to date.  Maybe “Busy mom of 2 kids” is now 3 kids, or you have decided to go vegan and that is a big part of your lifestyle blog.  Take this opportunity to refresh all of your information and connect with more people.

And, don’t forget to make sure all of these profiles are listed and linked to your website/blog!

Let me know if you have any questions!

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